Outline briefs gfs birmingham 6june edit


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Three challenges for Ecclesiastical does Good for Nothing Birmingham

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Outline briefs gfs birmingham 6june edit

  1. 1. Outline challenges for Ecclesiastical does Good for Nothing BirminghamBrief 1: Stirchley Food Co-opProviding good quality local and affordable food for local communities is amassive task.The Stirchley Food Co-op has been growing over the last year, operating amonthly ordering system to about 40 households in Stirchley, providing themwith fresh, good quality food products.However to really gain traction with the community the Food Co-operativeneeds shop space – the local high street has been hit hard with over 40% ofshops closed and unoccupied.However with an offer of physical shop space in the soon to be launched Loafbakery on the high Street the Food Co-Op finds itself in a new and excitingposition with the opening of ‘Stirchley Stores’.The challenge for Food Co-Op is two-fold – firstly they need urgent help withfinancial and business planning. Running a commercial enterprise balancedwith the needs of a co-operative is a big task.Secondly they need to grow the co-operative locally, reaching out to newpeople, bringing more local diversity into the group, signing them up tomembership and participation in the running of the enterprise.How can the Food Co-op reach out to more people who might not understandthe benefits of a Co-operative, how might it cater to those with lower incomesor habitually stuck in supermarket food?Specifically:1. Business and financial planningHelp the Food Co-Op create a solid business plan and model and financialforecasting to help it grow sustainably.2. Recruitment strategy and communication tacticsCreate a recruitment strategy and communication tactics to drive upmembership of the Food Co-Op in the local area.Things to consider:By getting out into the local community and interviewing and filming residents,we can understand the barriers and opportunities for the Food Co-op and
  2. 2. create communications messages, tactics content and materials to help driveengagement and recruitment.The Food Co-op is currently having a new identity and website developed sothese assets will be available to build on.Brief 2: Jericho Foundationhttp://www.jcp.org.uk/Jericho Foundation is a Charity foundation, which has developed a group ofsocial enterprises that work with disadvantaged individuals and help them,overcome barriers and become fulfilled, skilled and employed.It started out as an advice centre via local churches taking in those mostvulnerable in society.The Jericho Foundation finds itself in a challenging situation. The 8enterprises it has developed within the group employ significant numbers ofvulnerable people trying to rebuild their lives through work and development.However as an enterprise it is also competing to provide commercialcontractual services alongside pure commercial players.The ChallengeWithin the group there is a Green Business portfolio which consists ofCommunity Recycling, Wood Recycling and Re-Use which are part of thegrowing environmental services and sit alongside the more established OfficeRecycling Business, which we would like to focus on as part of the challenge.Specifically1. SalesOverview the sales strategies for the Environmental enterprises and providean update to help optimise sales approaches and tactics and ultimately boostsales.What/Who are they competing against – what are buyers of these serviceslooking for?How can we make their offer more compelling?2. CommunicationsSpecifically:1. Explore how Jericho Foundation might better articulate and re-communicate its charity mission to deliver market leading commercial service
  3. 3. offerings while at the same time landing it’s unique and differentiating deeperpurpose (helping the disadvantaged get back into employment) in anengaging and simple way.Bring this to life through copy, film, and sketches2. Jericho Re-use is the newest enterprise in the group and is developing avery new and emerging market – that of re-use of materials and productswhich are often seen as junk or beyond repair.Explore creating a more engaging Re-use brand, including name, identity andsuite of communications assets which also communicates in smart andinteresting ways the Jericho Foundations Mission.3. Wood Recycling has two specific product offerings: Woodshack – whichtakes timber that is destined for Landfill and turns them into numerous timberproducts and Wood briquettes which are produced to be used in woodburners.Develop more articulate sub brands for these products and communications,which tell the Jericho Foundation mission in smart and interesting ways.Develop messaging and sales strategy tactics and channels.Things to considerGo to a local refuse point and interview/film people dropping off stuff – exploretheir perceptions of re-use and repair.Mash up a web film to land the Re-use brand.Brief 3. Continental Starhttp://www.continentalstarfc.co.uk/Continental Star is a unique Sport and Community Club located in the WestMidlands. The club has its roots in central Birmingham and has branched outin recent years from its original focus on football.Today, Continental Star is a Social Enterprise and a registered charity thatseeks to help those within the community that are often marginalised andconsidered by others as hard to reach. The Club now offers a range ofcommunity services in addition to a growing portfolio of sports activities. Aswell as running football teams for the under 7’s right up to the over 35’s, and aladies’ team, Continental Star also delivers a successful after-schoolHomework Club which targets disadvantaged young people; it also has awomen’s help group providing valuable support and advice to the unemployedand lone parents. In addition, the club also acts as Grassroots B.A.M.E (Black& Asian Minority Ethnic) advisors to the FA and the Kick It Out campaign
  4. 4. The Challenge1. Corporate Funding and Financial SustainabilityContinental Star like many organisations have been hit by cuts in grantfunding.Can we develop new approaches to raising finance to support theorganisation and its amazing work? E.g Product and service ideas beyondtraditional fundraising approachesCorporates and business are a key audience, we would like to develop acorporate funding pitch, which could help secure funding from local, regionaland national business.SpecificsCreate corporate funding pitch material which tells the story of ContinentalStar in an engaging way – consider the role of images and film in bringing thisto life.Can we productise different corporate offerings to create different donorpackages and investment levels?What will we offer corporates in return and how do we package this up tomake it engaging?2. Web communicationsThe existing site has been developed by volunteers, can we help it evolve anddevelop without a complete new build?Specifically:How can we improve on the existing web site? What could we do to make iteasier to navigate, to make content more shareableHow can we use the social internet to help Continental Star (CS)communicate more effectively and widely?How could the social internet help with fundraising for example?How can we encourage more of a community element to CS on the web?How can we make the site easier to update, administer and evolve for theteam at CS?