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Open cinema brief Good for Nothing outline


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Open Cinema brief for Good for Nothing at SHIFT

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Open cinema brief Good for Nothing outline

  1. 1. OPEN CINEMA BRIEFBackgroundOPEN CINEMA is a national network of film clubs programmed by and forhomeless and vulnerable people. Each week participants watch the best incontemporary cinema and work with professional filmmakers to create films oftheir own.The Open Cinema philosophy is that people excluded from society need thebenefits of culture as much as information and food. Open Cinema takes film topeople at the margins, and brings them and their aspirations to the centre ofcultural life.Films are regularly introduced by filmmakers and other experts. In 2011, memberswelcomed over 100 guests, including directors Stephen Frears (The Queen), ChrisMorris (Four Lions), Asif Kapadia (Senna) and Sir Alan Parker [BugsyMalone], cinematographer John Mathieson [Gladiator], and experts from film andtelevision, universities and dynamic companies in a range of fields. ChallengeOPEN CINEMA has recently concluded and is evaluating a pilot network of venuesin four regions of England. Since October 2010 they have commenced offering theservice to support agencies in the homelessness sector and other social sectors.Open Cinema has two main products/services that it provides to customers thatinclude care homes, charities, support associations and homeless support services.
  2. 2. 1. Community cinema: a service which helps any organisation create its own community cinema – including equipment, curated seasonal film subscriptions, communications material, licenses and even special guests 2. Film making clubs: A range of film making packages to help give a community group hands on experience of making film.Open Cinema need marketing help. They have an amazing range of products andservices which are helping transform people across the country but their marketingapproach to date has been very organic. They need the genius of Fallon to helpthem grow and accelerate the spread of Open Cinema.Specific tasksDevelop a marketing strategy and tactics to get Open Cinema on the agenda ofhomeless services across the UKFind ways for Open Cinema to creatively and effectively start to engage the 21,000care homes, charities, support associations and homeless support services acrossthe countryExplore how can they use the social web to start dialogue with these organisationsConsider creating web content to communicate clearly the benefits of OpenCinema and the Film club servicesWhile the website itself cannot be redeveloped what clever hacks could bedeveloped to make their product offering clearer and easier to find for a first timevisitor to their website.What we have to work withIdentity assets, several short films and interviews, marketing brochure, lists ofhomeless service providers – Christophe and his team