Homeless SMS Good for Nothing Brief


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Homeless SMS Good for Nothing Brief

  1. 1. Homeless SMS BriefBackgroundwww.homelesssms.comStarted in 2010, Homeless SMS is a young, innovative, London based digital socialventure providing homeless people with free-to-use mobile tools to help them findand access relevant services in their area.Homeless SMS’s mission is to encourage homeless people’s social and psychologicalre-integration with society by helping them to stay in touch with useful and relevantopportunitiesTheir twitter-sms project is the first in a series of mobile developments aimed athelping the homeless. It enables the homeless to receive timely information of theirchoice around issues ranging from where to find free meals to skills courses, andeven social events where they can meet others in a non-homeless context. Thiskeeps them in touch and reduces the risk of isolation and drink and drug abuse.Moving forwardThe team have performed a successful proof of concept for several months and arenow rolling the service out inside the UKs largest homeless day centre, TheConnection at St Martin in the Fields, London.The brief for Good for NothingVisual identity and communications materials for new homeless service - URmsgHomeless SMS was a working title and is not considered suitable for theorganisation as it grows. The team’s primary concern is that people with no fixedaddress do not like being labelled homeless, whether they are part of the roughsleeping minority or the hostel or ‘sofa surfing’ majority. Beyond this SMS isconsidered limiting given the need to develop and grow the service as technologiesshift. As a result the current roll-out begun on 9 Jan, is under the name URmsg(Your Message). Very little has been done in the way of visual identity.There are several issues to tackle: 1. Is the service name Your Message or URmsg? Currently the twitter accounts used follow the URmsg[TOPIC] format (e.g. URmsgTIPS) but that does not mean the service has to be called URmsg or be in that capital/lower case format.
  2. 2. 2. Visual identity and style for the service (needs to be simple/clear/engaging/non-corporate/non-threatening, not too techy), including logo, colour scheme, graphics etc. 3. Create visual icons for each account, i.e. URmsg_TIPS (See additional doc titled ‘URmsg accounts’ for names of each one) 4. Design a step by step sign-up process graphically that requires little or no text (high levels of illiteracy) (See additional doc titled ‘URmsg process’) 5. Simple visual instructions on how to create and manipulate twitter accounts through SMS (i.e. follow/stop/interact/tweet/reply etc.) See https://support.twitter.com/articles/14589 for guide 6. Design an information handout to be distributed at homeless centres, hostels and shelters (fold-out/concertina) including step by step process graphic, different accounts & descriptions and reason for serviceIf the instructions are easy to follow and share then they could make a big differencein service adoption across the homeless community.What we have to work withOverview video of the full service:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKkNBOFyolM(NB: this video has more functionality that we would like everyone to think about at this stage.The messages coming from users is much more complicated to explain and is viewed as aphase 2 of the project. Initially we would like to focus more on the attached PDFs. This is theoutbound message channels that users can follow to receive specific updates.)Testimonials of people using the service:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl313uhloTE&feature=relatedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ix1XDSpfsg&feature=relatedCurrent website: http://www.homelesssms.com/Contact details: Will Braynewillbrayne@gmail.com