Hackney Yoga Project Creative Brief


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Hackney Yoga Project Creative Brief

  1. 1. Hackney Yoga Project BriefBackgroundHackney Yoga Project (HYP) is a pilot project developing a best practice model forworking with yoga and the refugee and asylum-seeking community in Hackney, oneof the most deprived areas in the UK. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality oflife for refugees and those seeking asylum through the practice of yoga.The women HYP works with have been displaced from their homelands due to warand natural disaster. Many have experienced gender based violence and sexualabuse. Some are also destitute, living off charity and friends hand-outs, as is thecase for a large number of women in the asylum process in the UK, according theBritish Red Cross report, Not gone but forgotten (2010). The women who come toHackney Yoga have very little control in their lives. If you are seeking asylum, youare not legally allowed to work until you have been granted ‘leave to remain’ by theHome Office.Hackney Yoga Project takes place at the much-loved community centre HackneyCity Farm and also delivers outreach classes.Yoga has many widely recognised therapeutic benefits, including being morerelaxed, having more energy, becoming stronger and more flexible in body and mind,and improving self-esteem and confidence.Good for Nothing briefHackney Yoga Project urgently needs a powerful visual identity, to use across digitaland printed platforms. To reach as many of this hard-to-reach, marginalised, under-represented and stigmatised community we need major funds. The visual identitywill be our public face and is critical to the success of our fundraising efforts as wellas project development. We also want to raise the profile of Hackney Yoga, tosupport both these goals and encourage others to use the model in different parts ofLondon and the UK. Critically, the brand and especially the website should alsoreflect the essence of Yoga – soulful and absolutely engaging. Visitors should feelvery inspired.Desired outputs: 1. Name: Emily is happy with the name Hackney Yoga Project however she is open to ideas for changing the name to be less place-specific as she thinks of expanding to other parts of London/UK. Perhaps you could come up with some other names in the research phase and check with her. 2. Visual Identity for HYP including logo design, colour scheme, and graphics that fits with the ethos and values of HYP 3. Designs for website (home, about us, classes, make a referral, volunteering, contact us) 4. Flyer design (for distribution at refugee centres) 5. Poster design (to hang up at refugee centres)Audience: Funders – existing and potential
  2. 2. Organisations that refer women to the project (eg the British Red Cross and the Freedom from Torture Organisations / people wanting to know more about the project Referrers (people who want to refer a woman to the project, or people want to refer themselves) Refugees and asylum-seeking individuals MediaWords we associate with the project:Power, grace, strength, purity, bravery, positivity, honour, dignityWhat we have to work withhttp://hackneyyogaproject.blogspot.com/Some images of the centre and refugee women (though at the moment don’t havesigned agreement to use images)Plans for photographer to take professional photos in the next two weeks so will sendthose on asapInspirationhttp://www.polimekanos.com/ -- cool simplicityhttp://project-air.org/ - brilliant branding. Powerful, inspiring and does the projectjustice.http://matterandco.com/our-work/ - super photos that tell the story, powerful and likethe ‘full-bleed’ effect. ‘Liberate the screen’ to get full effect…http://brettcampbell.co.uk/ - simple, clean and like the speed at which the picturesturnhttp://www.atelier-loidl.de/ - landing page only - love the full-bleed photohttp://www.yogastopstraffick.org/wp/ - strong imagery and clear presentation of thestory and the facts; inspiringWhat the women said:“Yoga makes me ready to fight the world in a very positive way.”“Love it here, should be more than once a week.”“Thank you for the yoga class. I feel more relaxed, mentally and physically.”“When I exercise in the yoga class, I feel free, my body is free, my mind is free like a bird.” 
Contact detailsEmily can be contacted at any point on 07964 551 090 /hackneyyogaproject@gmail.com