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Founding folk for wild thing


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We're seeking some soulful organisations to become Founding Folk for Wild Thing

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Founding folk for wild thing

  1. 1. Reconnecting Kids with Nature and Wildness Seeking Wise Founding Folk 6th-8th July 2012 London
  2. 2. The StoryFilmmaker DAVID BOND thinks Mother Nature needs a helping handgetting kids to forget the distractions of the modern world andwake up to the benefits of the natural world.In the US and UK, we have the unhappiest kids in the developedworld. Plenty of food, millions of TV channels, the internet, no warsto worry about - when theres so much to be happy about, whatsgoing on?According to UNICEF, the biggest problem is that our kids are notspending enough time playing outdoors. The lure of the indoors iscreating a generation that has no connection with nature. So whyare kids so out of touch with the wild?Mega-brands have got every corner of our lives covered. We don’thave time for Nature anymore.Fewer children are spending time in nature and if kids don’t start tore-connect with nature now, who will be the future custodians ofthe natural world?David has appointed himself the Marketing Director for Nature andwith the help of experts on nature, kids, marketing and advertisinghe sets out to persuade apathetic consumers, and his family, of thebenefits of this amazing, free, wonder-product.The ‘Nature Film’ is a 90-minute feature documentary film projectbeing made by Green Lions with Channel 4 and the BRITDOCfoundation. It will be released in cinema, television, film festivals andpublic screenings in summer 2013.David has approached Good for Nothing to see how the communitycan help with his quest.We’ve been looking for a nature mission since we hatched Good forNothing and so decided to point our next London gig solely at thischallenge.To help David develop a campaign for nature and build a people’smovement for nature, to get nature back into people’s lives.So, we present Wild Thing, July 6-8th, at a secret London location.
  3. 3. Seeking Wise Founding Folk How you can help....On the weekend of 6th-8th July we’re bringing together a crew ofabout 70 do-ers - designers, developers, communication experts,biologists, natural historians, authors and academics to help David For £500 (or more if you can afford it!) you become part of the WildBond and his team create a campaign which can get nature backinto kids lives. Check the details and brief here http:// Thing Founding You get listed in the film creditsThe weekend will be filmed for inclusion in the final documentary. You continue to be involved as the movement emerges and spreadsWe’ll be prototyping ideas to start to seed a people’s movement for You get access to the learnings that we createnature reconnection, which we plan to develop, build and launch You get acknowledged in any formal media communicationsaround the film’s release in summer 2013. You are part of a small group of soulful organisations who are helping to hatch a bottom-up creative community movement forWild Thing is a project that will emerge and build momentum well nature and wildnessbeyond the development weekend itself. You are part of a collective who recognise the urgency for people and kids especially to re-connect with the ‘more-than human world’As with all Good for Nothing gigs, this event is entirely self-funded To become stewards of the biosphereand everyone involved is doing it for nowt. But there are some The operating system for all lifeadditional costs in putting on this gig that could make the project After all as someone wise once said ‘there’s no business to be donereally come to life afterwards. on a dead planet’So this time we’re seeking some help from our friends. As ever your support-in-kind will continue to be recognised on our site, in our annual newspaper and ongoing communications on theWe are looking for both help in kind - food, drink, cake, etc as well web and beyondas financial donations to help cover the cost of the event which weestimate at about £5K. We really hope you will support us on this awesome challenge. Time is of the essence.... so if you want to get involved then pleaseThis is to cover costs for a big tent for a creative working space, wifi do get in touch asapprovision, food, security and a bunch of stuff needed to make thisgig go off. And some investment to continue to develop and Dan, Tom and Tomcomplete the campaign materials post event.