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3 lies your nutritionist likes


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An extract of my blog post of nutritionists' lies on the Food and Nutrition Forum:

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3 lies your nutritionist likes

  1. 1. 3 Lies your nutritionist likes (so much) Gianluca Tognon
  2. 2. Proteins, Carbohydrates and weight
  3. 3.  Carbohydrate-restricted diets work better than other weight reduction diets, but only in the short term  Low fat diets work too  Both are difficult to maintain for very long periods   Replace high-energy foods and empty calories (sodas, creams, junk food) with low-energy foods (fruit & veg.) and water  Replace refined cereals (white bread) with wholegrain products and legumes  Replace (refined) carbohydrate with (unsaturated) fats can help, but no need to make extreme choices  Increase physical activity
  4. 4. Antioxidants
  5. 5.  The concentration of antioxidants from food reaches very low levels in the organism (much lower than glutathione)  Not all oxidative processes happening inside the body are necessarily negative   Bioactive substances in fruit and vegetables might work through mechanisms other than protection from oxidation and at low concentrations: no need to use supplements and supplemented foods!
  6. 6. Dairy Products & Bone health
  7. 7. ALLEGATIONS TO DAIRY PRODUCTS  Milk contains a lot of sulphur aminoacids, which could generate sulfur acid inside the body  A more acidic body pH causes release of calcium from bones and its excretion with urine  Dairy products should not be recommended to people with osteoporosis
  8. 8.  Dairy products do not cause bone decalfication HOWEVER  The consumption of dairy products should be limited  Calcium can be obtained from vegetable sources including cabbages and broccoli, nuts, legumes
  9. 9. The Mediterranean diet
  10. 10. Thanks!