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Gulp and Gasp by John Townsend


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Gulp and Gasp by John Townsend

  1. 1. Gulp andGaspByJohn Townsend
  2. 2. • The rich and influential aristocrats are immaculate and grand inappearance with the men often wearing top hats, coats andties. Gloves are essential to keep out the cold and a cane addsa certain swagger.• The poor working class ismostly servants to gentry orworkers in the factories. Theyhave a poor appearancewearing sober and worn-outclothes.People
  3. 3. Gulf and GaspBy:John Townsend
  4. 4. In a cold foggy night at arailway station
  5. 5. Lord Septic and Crouch arewaiting for the train
  6. 6. A flower seller is standingunder the clock
  7. 7. Her name isRose, shesellsheathersfor living
  8. 8. Lord Septicinstructs Crouchto chase Roseaway, hethrows herflowers away
  9. 9. Percy andRose met forthe first time,they have ashortconversation
  10. 10. Percy asksCrouch topick up theflowersthathe threwaway justnow
  11. 11. Lord Septichits Percy onthe headwith his stick.Percy fallsunconscious.
  12. 12. Lord Septic instructsCrouch to tie Rose at therailway line to get rid ofher.Nevertheless, Percy savesRose and learns about histrue identity, he proposesto Rose to be his wife...Lord Septic and Crouchare caught by the police...THE END
  13. 13. With lovealways…Yours,