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Myspace project


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Published in: Education
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Myspace project

  1. 1. Chris Traendly Frank Zemick Xinzhou Du (Portia) Xinxian Ni (Eva)
  2. 2.  The LARGEST online social network by late 2007  Experienced phenomenal growth  Continued to add new features and innovations
  3. 3.  Facebook releases its Facebook Platform  MySpace had to respond to the Facebook threat. Two options: (1) Build our own proprietary platform (2) Join OpenSocial
  4. 4. Discussion Points  More secure  Differentiation  Huge uncertainty  Question
  5. 5.  Information is more secure with creation of own platform  Joining Open Social may pose a privacy risk
  6. 6.  Differentiate itself from Google with creating their own platform  Not be held to Google’s restraints  Provide a better fit with My Space’s specific requirements
  7. 7.  Huge uncertainty with what Google’s Open Social platform would look like  The possibility of months before decisions would be made  The possibility that the platform would not materialize at all.
  8. 8. Q: Has money to cover the costs? A: Fox Interactive turns annual profit; MySpace revenue to top $800 million in fiscal 2008 (Larry Dignan) News Corp loses $6.4 billion, but MySpace revenue is flat in 2009 (Janet Thaeler)
  9. 9.  There is a possibility that the company’s valuable corporate data may be under the control of the outsourcing vendor.
  10. 10.  Applications designed for OpenSocial would work without any major modifications on any other site that joined the project, including competitors such as
  11. 11.  My Space will incur huge costs to develop their own platform.
  12. 12.  My Space utilizing in-house development they will make use of various methodologies.