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SuiteCRM PayPal integration - Payment gateway CRM integration


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PayPal online Payment Gateway CRM Integration with SuiteCRM - FyNSiS integration for SuiteCRM and PayPal online payment gateway integration.
SuiteCRM PayPal integration

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SuiteCRM PayPal integration - Payment gateway CRM integration

  1. 1. IMAGINATION TO REALITY PayPal online - Payment Gateway Integration
  2. 2. SuiteCRM Website Integration - Joomla, Drupal e-com Integration (Magento, VirtuMart) Telephony Integration Asterisk Google Apps Integration Leveraging core expertise in open source technologies, FyNSiS specializes in building enterprise solutions using SuiteCRM as a platform.
  3. 3. FyNSiS Payment Gateway is a Secure, Robust and Powerful Online Payment Gateway Capable of handling high volume of transactions securely with multiple payment options using unlimited bandwidth, redundancy and advanced networking architecture.  Express Payment Option  Highest Conversion Rate  Social Network Payments  Excellent Customer Support  iFrame based Payment  IVR Facility
  4. 4. Advantages  FyNSiS Payment Gateway provides comprehensive management of online payment transactions. It is backed by compliance with regulatory and payment scheme requirements.  Backed by Strong CRM, PayPal the next generation Online Payment Gateway, provides complete detailed information on step-by-step progress of the payment transaction from Authorization to Remittance.  The CRM has been designed to provide critical data at the click of a button. Its advance architecture helps in saving time and increasing efficiency with the objective of helping in reducing cost for all stakeholders.
  5. 5.  Accept Credit Cards and Mobile Payments.  Gateway Enterprise payment and member platform.  Secure Forms Customizable payment forms that work on your website.  Shopping Carts E-commerce solutions for Druple, WordPress and more.  Developer Tools Easy to integrate PCI compliant solution.
  6. 6.  Convenient Payment Processing Features  Straightforward Pricing You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or monthly charges – just one simple rate per successful transaction.  Instant International Reach Make it easy on your customers: accept 26 currencies in 15 languages, in 196 countries.  Advanced Fraud Protection With more than 300 fraud rules applied to every transaction, we give you the highest level of fraud protection in the industry.
  7. 7.  Secure Payments and Donations Customizable forms that work on your website.  Safe and Secure All our forms are hosted on our servers, so you never have the worry about credit card information being left on your site.  Customizable Change fonts, pull-down options, colors, and questions. Our forms are easily customized to meet your needs and match the style of your website.  Easy to integrate Integrate any form onto your website using a simple code snippet called an iFrame. The full form will appear on your site just as you designed it.
  8. 8. Thank You!  Offices in Bangalore, Mumbai & Coimbatore For Customized Demo Contact +91 9008768899 +91 9902376720