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Wamup Asus En

  1. 1. Wam-Up A new advertising tool for a new audience
  2. 2. Wam-Up What it is A video game platform that includes the most advanced online advertising in the market. How it works Players play AAA quality games (top blockbusters) for free in exchange for watching ads. iSpot. A new online advertising format A “broadcast” format displayed full screen on the players monitor. 100% efficiency for an impact with a higher penetration ratio than TV ads.
  3. 3. Wam-Up  The first Wam-Up video game  Combines the computer, Internet and mobile phone to create a Community  The intensity of arcade machines • The potential of “social” games
  4. 4. Wam-Up A new audience for the big brands • More than 9 million regular players in Spain, with an average age between 13 and 35 (38% of which are women). • An audience that is no longer viewing traditional media (TV, radio, press…) • The largest consumer ratio target (14-40 years old) • More than 45,000 people are already trying the system
  5. 5. Wam-Up The test phase in figures • More than 1 million games played • More than 600,000 iSpots displayed • 65,000 registered users and 45,000 regular players • 150,000 games a month • More than 100,000 iSpots displayed a month * Statistics based on data gathered in 2009, june
  6. 6. Wam-Up Who is behind all of this? A technology patented by the Spanish company FX Interactive, the second most important company in the PC video game industry in Spain, Italy and Latin America. An investment in R & D of 4.5 million euros that will be available to any person through a simple click of the mouse. One goal: to become the advertising media of the future for the big brands.
  7. 7. iSpot How does it work?
  8. 8. iSpot With this advertising, everyone wins Complete real time An advertising format with statistics added value Users Impact quality • Number of viewers • 100% guaranteed Time Friendly advertising • When they've viewed it • The brand “invites you” • Per day/week/month Positive perception Frequency • Instant satisfaction • Total iSpots • Message retention • iSpots per user • A message the target will relate to
  9. 9. Collaboration proposal What FX can do for ASUS? Free Advertising Free iSpot campaign special actions Period: 30 days 1. Creating an ASUS clan: a comunity of players Purchased iSpots: 50.000 that offers visibility to the brand. Audience: 20,000 unique users 2. Focus group: A group of fans around which a dialogue can be created. Average frequency: +2 impacts/user 3. Special offers/contests: An ideal target for stimulating sales. Campaign total value:30.000€ * The advertiser will decide how to spread the iSpots and the impact frequency per user throughout the established time period.
  10. 10. Collaboration proposal What ASUS can do for FX? NAVY MOVES integration device • 1 – Integrate NAVY MOVES software executable (120 Mb) in all the PC devices (laptops, PCs, graphic cards…) • 2 – Progressive integration. EeePC would be the first device. • 3 – Results tracking through WAMUP statistic system. Once we have analyzed the results, we will discuss new device integrations.