Account for the present religions


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Account for the present religions

  1. 1. Account for the present religions landscape in Australia in relation t: Christianity as the major tradition Immigration Denominational switching Rise of new age religions Secularism In Australia there are five major points that some up Australia’s current religious involvements. First off with Christianity being the major tradition in Australia today. Although this may be the case in Australia, however as time progesses there has been a significant decline in the number of people attending religions services and practices throughout Australia. Roman Catholics are continuing to increase but not at the rate of population due to it’s younger membership and migrant intake. Next is the immigration within Australia. The changes immigration within Australia has changed it from being a sort of one nation and one faith to a multi cultural to a multi faith country to live in. After the end of the white Australia policy after WWII, Australia has been much more diverse in migration and has resulted in a increase in the number of religions and groupings. Migration after WWII has led to an increased number in Catholics. Which also increased the number of orthodox Christians. With the more people migrating to Australia it has also brought an increase of people who are Buddhist, Muslim, Hindus and Jews. With all these different people and religions moving onto Australian soil, it has led to a greater appreciation of the diversity. Australia is also home to denominational switching between religions which comprises of people switching different religions, groups and communities. Denominational switching however is far more common in the Protestant churches rather Catholic churches. People mainly do this as a result of not being able to connect with the group or religion. As well as all this there have also been a rise of new ages of religions. New age religions are characterized by their adaptation of different elements from eastern religions and their rejection towards the western views as well as the fact that the eastern side favors spiritulality. Examples of New Age religions include groups such as, fengshui, yoga, tai chi and astrology. The focus of New Age religions is on self and individual fulfillment. Lastly is secularism which is the belief that a religion should not interfere with or be questioned in public affairs of society. Which results in increasing pluralism and materialism of society alongside societies ever increasing individualism and dissatisfaction with traditional regions. A lot of people are very skeptical when it comes down to many religions. They still don’t know if they believe it or not.