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North wisconsin district principals


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Published in: Education, Technology
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North wisconsin district principals

  1. 1. iPads In EducationTo The Device & Beyond!
  2. 2. Lets Get This Out of The WayTwitter:!/iSchoolLeader
  3. 3. Before We Take The Plunge!Complete the Form
  4. 4. Learning Tips & Tricks•• Hard Reset• Passcode• Five Finger Swipe• Take Screen Shot• Lock Screen• Settings->General->About• Push Hold For Cursor• iPad Idea A DayOn/Off
  5. 5. Thinking While ViewingWhat caught your attention?What shocked you?What thrilled you?What scared you?
  6. 6. Get To Know Your Students
  7. 7. Thinking...
  8. 8. Collaborative White BoardsWhat caught your attention?What shocked you?What thrilled you?What scared you?
  9. 9. White Board AppUse App To Display One Group Answer!What caught your attention?What shocked you?What thrilled you?What scared you?
  10. 10. Digital ToolsHelp Enlighten
  11. 11. Digital ToolsHelp Discover
  12. 12. Digital ToolsHelp Engage
  13. 13. Digital ToolsHelp Solidify
  14. 14. 21st Century Learning
  15. 15. 21st Century Educational SettingsOpen Ended Questions
  16. 16. 21st Century Educational SettingsChoices To Think. Question. Create.
  17. 17. 21st Century Educational SettingsConnect With People Globally
  18. 18. 21st Century Educational SettingsSelf-Directed Learners
  19. 19. 21st Century Educational SettingsGive Less Information, Students Think More
  20. 20. Our SettingDirect Instruction Area
  21. 21. Our SettingDirect Instruction Area
  22. 22. Our SettingDirect Instruction Area
  23. 23. Our SettingSmall Group Instructional Area
  24. 24. Our SettingSmall Group Instructional Area
  25. 25. Our SettingCollaborative White Board Areas
  26. 26. Our SettingCollaborative White Board Areas
  27. 27. Our SettingCollaborative White Board Areas
  28. 28. Groups & ThinkingDiscuss What You Have Learned
  29. 29. Large GroupWhos Got All The Answers?
  30. 30. The AppsWhere Do We Start?
  31. 31. The AppsStart With Your Educational Concept
  32. 32. The AppsSearch For Apps That Supplement
  33. 33. The AppsSearch For Apps That Individualized
  34. 34. The AppsSearch For Apps That Teach
  35. 35. The AppsSearch For Apps That Create
  36. 36. The AppsSearch For Apps That Stimulate
  37. 37. The AppsSearch For Apps That Think Outside The Box
  38. 38. Be App LiterateConcept + iTunes + AppLite VersionReviewsMultiple SearchesTry Before You BuyVolume Purchasing Plan
  39. 39. SimpleMind AppOrganize Apps That You Explore: GET APP
  40. 40. Apps From My EducationalSettingMy ListMy Visual List
  41. 41. Graphing Calculator
  42. 42. DrawPad
  43. 43. SimpleMind
  44. 44. American Revolution Int. Timeline
  45. 45. Educreations
  46. 46. Tactilis
  47. 47. Pic Collage
  48. 48. Apps IntegratedWith Students
  49. 49. Apps IntegratedWith Staff
  50. 50. The Lists of AppsStruggling Readers and Writers
  51. 51. The Lists of AppsTEAC Recommended iPad Apps
  52. 52. The Lists of AppsApps In Education Blog
  53. 53. The Lists of Apps20 Must Have By Real Teachers
  54. 54. The Lists of AppsIEAR High School Apps
  55. 55. The Lists of AppsApple In Education
  56. 56. Time To ExploreWhat App Could You Implement Tomorrow?
  57. 57. Time To ExploreWhat App Do You Want To Play With?
  58. 58. Whiteboard GroupsWhat App Could You Implement Tomorrow?
  59. 59. Whiteboard GroupsWhat App Do You Want To Play With?
  60. 60. Additional ResourcesLivebinder
  61. 61. Additional ResourcesNews Articles About iPads
  62. 62. Additional ResourcesiPad Apps To Support Blooms TaxonomyKathy Schrock
  63. 63. Additional ResourcesiPad ResourcesKathy Schrock
  64. 64. Additional ResourcesDeLaSalle High School MinneapolisiPads For Everyone
  65. 65. End ResultiPads Alone Cant Change EducationReason
  66. 66. Digital CitizenshipMust Be Taught From The Start
  67. 67. Digital CitizenshipMust Be Emphasized In School
  68. 68. Digital CitizenshipMust Be Emphasized Out of School
  69. 69. Digital CitizenshipMust Be Relevant To Students
  70. 70. How We Did It
  71. 71. What Do You Think?What needs to be included?
  72. 72. Personal vs. Professional YouFacebook and other social websites are the Personal You. Some of you have had aPersonal You presence on the web for a couple of years. This blog and all comments on it are the Professional You. A place where you start to present yourself as a future college or university student or employee of a business. This is the you that you want to be AFTER high school.Sometimes the Personal You may over lap the Professional You. For example, you refer to a book that you like (which displays your interests) or you refer an activity that you like. This is o.k. However, it is always important to remember that thoughts placed on the web, may be there forever.If you are going to have a Personal You on the web (and many of you do), you must be aware of how it will affect the Professional You throughout life.
  73. 73. Information To StudentsDigital Citizenship Sliderocket
  74. 74. Final ThoughtsPlease Complete The Form
  75. 75. iPaddiction & RecessDuty & YouTube Paddiction Blog Twitter YouTube Channel i