Germantown Cohort 3 09


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Orientation for the EDG 970 Integrating Technology in the Classroom course

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Germantown Cohort 3 09

  1. 1. Germantown Cohort March 3, 2009 EDG 970 Integrating Technology in the Classroom Orientation
  2. 2. Textbook for EDG 970
  3. 3. CUW Portal:
  4. 5. Atomic Learning On CUW Portal click on Resources scroll down and find Atomic Learning in the middle column. Click on Atomic Learning You can use Search to find what you want
  5. 6. Or, you can click on Training Library, then Technology Skills and then on English
  6. 8. Assignments
  7. 9. Click on Units and this page will come up. Click on Unit 1 and the assignments for the chapter will come up.
  8. 10. Click on the assignment you want to work on.
  9. 13. <ul><li>(Student Assignments) – The student will use the textbook website ( to do many of the assignments for this course.  If the assignment calls for the student to do an assignment from the text, go to the textbook site noted in the above sentence, click on the chapter you are working in, and then click on the appropriate assignment from the menu bar that is on the left side of the screen.  that &quot;walks&quot; them through this process. </li></ul>
  10. 14. Click on the Chapter you are working on
  11. 15. Look at the left column. Click on the area you want to look at. For this assignment, it would be the Integration Corner (p 37) or The Digital Media Corner (p 39) Note: you will be able to use this site at any time, even after the course is over.
  12. 16. Click on the interest level you want from the blue area menu. Follow the directions and links provided for you. Then using MS Word or the box by the assignment to right up your review.
  13. 17. Once you have completed your assignment, save it to a location you can access easily. At the assignment site, click on attachment, browse to where you saved the document and double click on it. Then click submit.
  14. 20. Click on the Brief Description tab.
  15. 21. <ul><li>Go to Discussions and then look at the instructions for Introductions. It is time to introduce yourself to everyone else in the class. Please introduce yourself by sharing your name, where you currently serve, your role in the school, and your reason for taking this course. After posting your introduction, revisit the area each day for the first part of this class to look for posts from other classmates. Please respond to at least two classmates, welcoming them or commenting upon something in their introduction. While your comment can be brief, do your best to respond to something in their introductory post. That means posting something more than &quot;Welcome!&quot; :) Let me know when you finish this assignment by writing a note in the comment box. (10 points) </li></ul>
  16. 22. Click on “Introductions”
  17. 23. Click on Create a message
  18. 25. Click on “Syllabus” in the left column to see the student syllabus.
  19. 30. Mail
  20. 31. Click on Create a Message
  21. 32. Click on Browse for Recipients
  22. 33. Click on the one/s you want to send an email to. Then go back and write your message and click send.
  23. 34. Contact Information <ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>Email within the class </li></ul><ul><li>715-526-2932 Office </li></ul><ul><li>715-304-8633 Cell </li></ul><ul><li>I am here to help you be successful with this class. </li></ul>
  24. 35. <ul><li>Note: Lord willing, I will be out of the office from March 8 through March 16. </li></ul><ul><li>I will be at the LEA Administrators Conference in Atlanta, Georgia </li></ul><ul><li>I thank you for taking this course! </li></ul>