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Ablaze and Fan into Flame for the NWD

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  • Dr. Del Tackett – The Truth Project – Focus on the Family – He coined this term – to transform – more than just to say change – thus the butterfly templates
  • Student Learning is the main focus and I wanted my faculty to know The How and Why of technology - We explore this issue in the Integrating Technology in the Classroom class. In the mid 1990’s I started feeling a need to do more for our school in the area of technology use. The Bonduel public school was becoming better at using technology – their reputation for doing this was also growing. Our faculty often was invited to participate in their summer Eisenhower technology institute activities – and we did. I felt we needed to do more as many of my faculty knew the “how” of technology, but the why. There needed to be more than keyboarding and Accelerated Math and Accelerate Reading.
  • 1981 to 2005Metamorpho - To Change – To Transform – caterpillar to butterflyDr. Del Tackett, The Truth Project Focus on the family.St. Paul was a good school – had a great faculty – it bacame a model school as determinded by Bob Whipkey
  • Things are happening so quick today that it can be overwhelming – Kindle,iPod, iPhone, iPad – texting, instant messaging, sophisticated cell phones, Web 2.0 (3.0 is coming soon), Interactive WhiteBoards (SmartBoard, Permethean, …) 1- 1 computing,
  • I share this story, first to bring Glory to God and secondly, to encourage each of you to start/continue your story.When I arrived at St. Paul in 1981, 98% of the children of St. Paul were enrolled.By the mid 1990’s, Bonduel Public was known as a school in the area that used technology the most. (They always hosted the Eisenhower Project technology events each summer)I was running out of options at St. Paul to get money for the technology we had – we were holding our own, but I felt we needed to improve in training our teachers how to use technology.
  • A Call to Bob Whipkey – District Education Executives are VERY important – Dennis Gehrke – he stepped forward with a District membership in MTM – This helps you and your schools – MTM scholarships.We formed a committee in the NWD. We did some technology training for the NWD administrators and we shared a lot of stories of what was going on at our places. Soon we began thinking of ways we could impact teaching at our schools. It was soon realized that even as a District we would be hard pressed to get a technology grant. Tom Phillip brought in the SWD and later, CUW. Phil Meinzen helped us understand the grant writing process. In 1998 I did an extensive survey of the NWD principals and teachers. It indicated the teachers had a desire to use technology, but did not know how.We needed to get our teachers trained and we needed to find financial support for them as tuition was TOO HIGH.Anonymous grant first (tried to train a person - mentor – for each congregation) and then Thrivent gave us a grant to try out our program with the State of WI. We decided to go a different direction than trying to train a mentor for each place. – (I went and asked to develop a class at CUW – Marcia Konz – Dean of Graduate School.)
  • We were able to provide additional scholarship money for those schools who met this criteria. (Thrivent Grants) Through another grantor, we also had a Small School Grant that was very helpful here. Twenty-six schools were eligible, 18 fulfilled the requirements for all three years, 6 schools went well beyond with teachers taking multiple classes.That part of the grant from Thrivent ran out after 2007.
  • He/she does not need to take the same class as the teachers.  They often took EDG 939, but some did take EDG 970 with the rest of the faculty.
  • By "living" I mean the plan is shared with all groups of the school community and it is reviewed monthly by either a technology committee or Board of Education and decisions are made based on the technology plan.  The faculty should review portions of it at least bi-monthly.The plan needs to be comprehensive – it needs to be used and reviewed regularly – It needs to be “seen” by all. It is very important to choose the right people to serve on the technology committee.
  • Paul Wangerin - CUW - did the number crunching for us.
  • The classroom “walls” come down – more sharing takes place – students are more often seen using the technology to create - to share – to present -
  • This is one example of where the puck is. Project based learning is often cited as a method that provides students with more hands-on activiites – or engages the student more in the learning.
  • Full Steam Ahead by Blanchard and Stoner
  • Know the culture of the students and families we serveProfessional development is curcial
  • Ablaze and Fan into Flame NW District

    1. 1. North Wisconsin District 2
    2. 2. Hymn to Open Tune: Immortal, Invisible… “One Mission, One Message, One People in Christ”  One Mission, One Message, One People in Christ! Ablaze! by His Spirit, together we rise. To praise and adore Him who now as of old, Continues to care for us within His fold. 3
    3. 3. Hymn to Open Tune: Immortal, Invisible… “One Mission, One Message, One People in Christ”  One Mission, One Message, One People in Christ! Sing out Jesus' mercy with united voice. Join in celebration- in Christ we are one! Extol God the Father, the Spirit, the +Son. 4
    4. 4. The message is simple & clear! “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:19-120 5
    5. 5. Tonight’s goals • Give you information about Ablaze! • Give you information about Fan Into Flame • Overview of the Fan Into Flame process • What do we next? 6
    6. 6. Overview of Ablaze! 7
    7. 7. Table Discussion 1. Who was the last person with whom you shared your faith? 2. What makes sharing our faith so difficult? 3. Do you personally know any unchurched person? Pray for them! 8
    8. 8. Why? 9
    9. 9. 21st Century State of the World • 6.5 billion people… • 4.5 billion people have not heard the Gospel! 10
    10. 10. 21st Century State of the World • 66 of 237 nations place significant restrictions on religious practice. • It is estimated that 1.2 billion or 60 percent of “Christians” are nominal or non-practicing; 11
    11. 11. 21st Century State of the World • 72 million person population increase in the U.S. between 1970 and 2000. • In the same time, LCMS membership declined by 350,000. 12
    12. 12. 21st Century State of the World • Every minute 83 people die not knowingJesus Christ as their Savior from sin. • It takes NO money to share your personal relationship with Jesus Christ with another person in Wisconsin. • It WILL require money for other aspects of the Ablaze! movement. 13
    13. 13. 21st Century State of N Wis Dist • 50% of the population in our district do not have any affiliation with any church • About 20% of the population is in worship on any given Sunday • Look at the “North Wisconsin District Case Statement” handout (this will be available to congregations this summer.) 14
    14. 14. Table Discussion 1. After receiving this information, what would be some of the concerns you have? 2. What do you think ought to be done about the situation? 3. What can you personally, individually and intentionally do that would make a difference in the outcome? 15
    15. 15. So…….. • Addressing those questions led to something called ……
    16. 16. Praying to the Lord of the Harvest, LCMS World Mission, in collaboration with its North American and worldwide partners, will share the Good News of Jesus with 100 million unreached or uncommitted people by the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. 17
    17. 17. Ablaze! is a global Lutheran Mission Movement Began as a vision of LCMS World Mission to involve every member of the LCMS… Was adopted and affirmed by the 2004 Synod convention. 18
    18. 18. National Mission Ablaze! Goals • Share the gospel with 100 million unchurched and/or uncommitted: 2,000 • New Mission Starts: • 2,000 Revitalized Congregations: people by 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  19
    19. 19. What is a “Faith Sharing Moment”? “When one Lutheran Christian gives witness about Jesus of the hope that is within him or her to another person so that person may encounter Christ!” 20
    20. 20. Resources on the Ablaze! Web site www.lcms.org/ablaze Suited to the Congregational setting: • 50 Days Ablaze! • Groups Ablaze! • Friendship Ablaze! 21
    21. 21. Groups Ablaze! is a dynamic process, designed to help congregations form relationships with the unchurched so that the Gospel of Jesus might be shared. 22
    22. 22. To reach out with the love of Jesus Christ and embrace our unchurched friends. 23
    23. 23. Resources on the Ablaze! Web site www.lcms.org/ablaze
    24. 24. North Wisconsin Dist Mission The mission of the North Wisconsin District of The Lutheran Church -Missouri Synod is to make disciples and seek the lost. 25
    25. 25. NWD Vision The vision of the North Wisconsin District is that congregations and their leaders demonstrate their commitment to the urgency to reach the lost in their neighborhoods and communities and beyond. 26
    26. 26. Tonight’s goals • Give you information about Ablaze! • Give you information about Fan Into Flame • Overview of the Fan Into Flame process • What do we next? 27
    27. 27. Overview of Fan into Flame 29
    28. 28. 2 Timothy 1:6-7 (NIV) For this reason I remind you to Fan into Flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self- discipline. 30
    29. 29. The Case for Support • Bringing hope and spiritual renewal by communicating the saving Gospel with 100 million people; • LCMS districts and congregations initiated a $100 million fund-raising campaign entitled Fan into Flame; • Fan into Flame is essentially the funding vehicle for the mission; 31
    30. 30. The Case for Support • Some aspects of Ablaze! require NO funds; • But many other aspects require an additional investment of resources; • The heart of Fan into Flame: Acts 1:8 32
    31. 31. Distribution of Funds “But you will receive LCMS World power when the Holy Mission 20% Spirit comes on you; and Congregations 15% National you will be my witnesses LCMS in Jerusalem, and in all Jerusalem Districts World Mission 15% Judea and Samaria, and Samaria 50% International to the ends of the earth.”  earth Acts 1: 8 33
    32. 32. Four Mission Areas A. Congregations - The Jerusalem component of Fan into Flame: Congregations to receive 15% of net funds to support new outreach projects. B. Districts - The vision for Judea is for districts to raise funds that support their objectives for mission expansion: NWD is to receive 15% of net funds to support new outreach projects. 34
    33. 33. Four Mission Areas (cont.) C. National Projects Samaria (Nation) ● Assist with the goals of Ablaze! ● Training church planter missionaries ● Transforming existing congregations into “mission outposts” ● Receive 20% of the funds D. International Projects the ends of the earth (World): • Add missionaries in the field • Capital expenditures • Receive 50% of the funds 35
    34. 34. NWD Case Statement • See handout (this will be available this summer)
    35. 35. North Wisconsin District Judea Goals Transforming Churches Network/Revitalization Targeted Goal = $200,000 • Assist congregations to reverse plateaued or declining memberships • A peer accountability environment • Ongoing exposure to new ideas, knowledge, and practices • Provide reproducible materials to use with volunteers • Help from a consultant 37
    36. 36. North Wisconsin District Judea Goals Servant/Mission Event Scholarships Minimum Goal = $60,000 • Assistance for congregations that encourage their members to organize trips into the mission field. • Congregations can receive up to $5,000 to help fund a mission trip 38
    37. 37. North Wisconsin District Judea Goals Mission Grants for New Ministries or Training Sites Minimum goal = $120,000 • $10,000 grants for a year’s internship at a congregation to help them “jump start” a ministry or expand their staff. • $25,000 to help start an ethnic ministry • $25,000 to help a congregation plant a new church • $300 scholarship to send unchurched children to Camp Luther 39
    38. 38. Progress To Date 40
    39. 39. Progress To Date Tremendous support early in the Campaign • Nationwide – More than $50,000,000 has been received in gifts and pledges! • Texas District - completed – More that $6.1 million raised • South Wisconsin District - completed – More than $3.4 million raised 41
    40. 40. Money is already being spent! What follows are some of the examples of ministries being supported through FAN INTO FLAME funding!
    41. 41. St. Michael Lutheran Church St. Petersburg, Russia More than $1 million in gifts have provided for the renovation of this huge church returned by the Russian government. Sacred music outreach concerts have reached 14,500 during renovation. An overflow crowd (typical) listens to a concert from the hallway.
    42. 42. LCMS World Mission already operates two successful international schools in Asia. Above, Concordia International School Shanghai. Right, Hong Kong International School.
    43. 43. New churches in India. Our Savior Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas, made the decision to allocate its $50,000 Fan into Flame gift for new church starts in India. This total will help the India Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC) purchase one new church site each year for five years. The goal is to begin 50 new churches overall.
    44. 44. First Immanuel Lutheran, Cedarburg, Wis., used part of its share of Fan into Flame funds in 2008 to prepare school kits for Uruguay. In early 2009 members of the congregation used Fan into Flame gifts to travel to Guatemala to run a medical clinic, fix a church roof, and build a concrete block house for the family at the right.
    45. 45. Cristo Rey, an outreach to Hispanics in Moline, Ill., began with a Fan into Flame gift to the Central Illinois District.
    46. 46. Fan into Flame funds raised by Ascension Lutheran (SELC District), Montreal, Quebec, Canada support the congregation’s outreach to Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist immigrants, their neighbors in inner city Montreal.
    47. 47. Amigos en Cristo (Friends in Christ) is a ministry of the Southwest Florida Outreach Council of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, partially funded by Fan into Flame. One of the ministries is to link migrant workers with government assistance agencies.
    48. 48. 30% of Lutheran schools are participating in the Bible Listening Project by listening to digital recordings of the Bible done in a dramatic style. More than $1 million in Fan into Flame gifts provided the digital Bibles to youth, Lutheran teachers, and the students. Student offerings are providing digital Bibles in seven languages to start Bible listening groups in India. Insert: India Lutheran church President Samuel trains pastors to use digital players.
    49. 49. $2 million in Fan into Flame gifts from donors and grants from Thrivent for Lutherans Foundation are funding 239 churches in revitalization and 25 of 166 Covenant Congregations that are planting new churches like theAlley. The welcome sign for theAlley, a Cottage Grove, Minn., church plant started by Woodbury Lutheran Church in Woodbury, Minn., meeting in a local school.
    50. 50. Spirit of Life – Rothschild WI 52
    51. 51. Transforming Congregations Network/TCN in NWD • One congregation has gone through a consultation weekend • Six congregations are beginning the process • One Pastor Learning Community has begun 53
    52. 52. Ablaze! Events • Ablaze! tail gate part in Plover this past October sponsored by the congregations of the Wisconsin Rapids Circuit (and planning another in 2010 • “Small Towns: Big Mission Conference – Serving the Rural Community” September 26 & 27, 2009 @ Ramada Inn, Eau Claire 54
    53. 53. Tonight’s goals • Give you information about Ablaze! • Give you information about Fan Into Flame • Overview of the Fan Into Flame process • What do we next? 55
    54. 54. What is Being Asked of YOU? 56
    55. 55. Three Main Objectives • PRAY – for the success of: – the Ablaze! mission movement and – the Fan into Flame fundraising appeal; • PARTICIPATE – educate and run an appeal in your own congregation; • ENCOURAGE – the other members of your congregations to participate. 57
    56. 56. Leadership (Congregation) • Each congregation based Fan into Flame appeal will be approached as a unique program. • Pastors and Lay Leaders will assist in recruiting leadership to advance Fan into Flame within their congregation. 58
    57. 57. Leadership (Congregation) • The Fan into Flame appeal can be accomplished with three key components: ● RECRUIT – leadership; ● EDUCATE – the members about Ablaze! & Fan Into Flame; Flame ● INVITE – all members to participate. • The Fan into Flame appeal plans are flexible. 59
    58. 58. Fan Into Flame Appeal Plans Plan 1 – Personal Approach Plan 2 – Group Oriented Approach Plan 3 – Strategic Publicity Plan 4 – Tithe (or other percentage) of a local campaign Plan 5 – A pledged gift from the operating budget of the congregation 60
    59. 59. Table Discussion – Next Steps 1. Who can/will take the lead in our congregation? 2. How do we inform the entire congregation about this process? 3. What can we do to encourage others? 4. When would the best time be for our congregation to: – to offer Ablaze! Education; – to make the Fan into Flame appeal? 61
    60. 60. Congregation Example One of our congregations plan to send 10% of what they receive to the District as their usual “mission” goal and give another 1% for FAN INTO FLAME for the next three years.
    61. 61. Another Example One congregation handed out “cans” to their members and asked them to fill them with “quarters” for FAN INTO FLAME… They raised over $65,000 for their effort.
    62. 62. Tonight’s goals • Give you information about Ablaze! • Give you information about Fan Into Flame • Overview of the Fan Into Flame process • What do we next? 64
    63. 63. What’s your congregation’s goal? • Set our goal! • What is reality? • What are our options? • What are we going to do? • DO IT!
    64. 64. Don’t say “NO!” for People Give people the opportunity to respond! • Give them good information about Ablaze! and what it is attempting to accomplish – reach out with the Good News of Jesus. 3. Give them time to think and pray about it. 4. Give them the opportunity to respond financially. 5. Share your faith!
    65. 65. Why tell you? Mutual Encouragement “Stand firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the Gospel” (Philippians 1:27). 67
    66. 66. Why tell you? Urgency Everyday more than 155,000 people die worldwide. We are called to be ambassadors for Christ. 68
    67. 67. Why tell you? Urgency How much time do we have? 69
    68. 68. Closing Hymn LSB 826 1 & 4 “Hark The Voice Of Jesus Crying” 1. Hark, the voice of Jesus crying, “Who will go and work today? Fields are white and harvests waiting— Who will bear the sheaves away?” Loud and long the Master calleth; Rich reward He offers thee. Who will answer, gladly saying, “Here am I, send me, send me”? 70
    69. 69. Closing Hymn LSB 826 1 & 4 “Hark The Voice Of Jesus Crying” 2. Let none hear you idly saying, “There is nothing I can do,” While the multitudes are dying And the Master calls for you. Take the task He gives you gladly, Let His work your pleasure be; Answer quickly when He calleth, “Here am I, send me, send me!” 71
    70. 70. + To GOD Alone Be All Glory + 72