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"Unstoppable releases with Kanban" Андрей Шумада

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"Unstoppable releases with Kanban" Андрей Шумада

  1. 1. Unstoppable releases with Kanban Andrii Shumada Sr. Software Developer at eagleeye eagleeye_s
  2. 2. Why we need to deploy super duper often?
  3. 3. less queues no waiting till next scheduled release more tasks get done Speed
  4. 4. Developer satisfaction code with feauture is isolated less planings less stress
  5. 5. PO’s satisfaction validate your hypotheses faster create more A/B tests sell your features earlier get more money $$
  6. 6. Quality improvement Bugs can be found faster Bugs can be fixed faster More concentrated testing Less risks
  7. 7. Recruitment Hey, we deploy every day!
  8. 8. Centralized Workflow
  9. 9. Feature Branch Workflow
  10. 10. Manual testing (before) Prod Staging
  11. 11. Manual testing (after) Prod Staging-feature-1 feature-branch-1 Staging-feature-2 feature-branch-2 Staging-feature-3 feature-branch-3
  12. 12. Scrum Board 5 columns brings queues
  13. 13. The way to production Open In Progress Under review QA Done Release Wait for review Wait for QA Wait for next scheduled release Planning Actual work
  14. 14. How it should be No QA* No Review* *Possible, bot not required, merged into In Progress
  15. 15. Wait a moment... QA is not required?
  16. 16. There should be a lot of bug requests from users
  17. 17. When we can release that? PO/Manager (before) (after) Is it in production?
  18. 18. Split big tasks to fit 1-2 days release cycle Split application to services
  19. 19. Don’t plan and estimate too much
  20. 20. Useful links YouTube: How to deploy to production 10 timer a day eagleeye eagleeye_s

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