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"The life beyond Terraform, or the rise of Platform Engineering", Stanislav Lebedenko

  1. BIO ■ 17+ years in IT ■ Microsoft Azure MVP ■ Certified cloud architect ■ #MSUGODUA ■ Developer and mentor ■ Working @Solidify AB ■ Different perspective ■ Your friend and neighbour :)
  2. The talk plan ■ Alternative view on the current basics from architect/customer side. ■ Difference between small, medium and big companies and trends there. ■ Why big companies trying to build Internal Developer Platforms and removing Ops from Dev ■ Rise of shadow ops and projects without DevOps engineers ■ IaC for developers and architects
  3. Escape from CNCF landscape…
  4. The problem ■ Lack of trained DevOps/Platform engineers ■ Rise of Terraform coders ■ One engineer for 5-7 projects in consultancies ■ Developers writing IaC in native languages ■ Raise of AI & tools to generate infra & pipelines ■ Raise of Platform(product) engineering ■ Self service tooling for developer delivery needs ■ FAANG & co switching to the custom IDP
  5. And another side
  6. Що робити з цим хайпом?
  7. The root cause of PE ■ Developer productivity engineering ■ DPE aims to boost delivery speed ■ Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) for build and test failures ■ Retain talent by investing in developer happiness :) ■ Providing serverless-like developer experience ■ Lack of control over Ops teams
  8. DevOps as product team ■ Introduce product like approach for Ops ■ Building IDP via feature requests ■ Product manager controls delivery cadence ■ Dev teams decide what is good for them ■ Developer self service portal as artefact ■ Build of holistic approach instead of tools zoo ■ Clarify the team purpose as internal product ■ Delegate observability, containers to PE team
  9. Go green
  10. Internal Developer Platform ■ Infrastructure orchestration ■ Role-based action management ■ Application configuration management ■ Deployment management ■ Environment management ■ Observability and security ■ Less engineers to hire and train ■ GitHub, Zalando, Netflix, Google, etc..
  11. PE tooling landscape
  12. SRE role ■ Responsibilities stays the same ■ DevOps with night shifts & +100% salary ■ Incident management ■ Failure mitigation ■ Complex incident response automation ■ Fine tuning on-prem for OpenShift cluster ■ Removing the single points of failure ■ Boring root cause analysis
  13. PORT as example
  14. Platform engineer ■ Full stack superman ■ Can handle on-premises K8s clusters ■ Can handle front-end tasks ■ Doing GitOps and DevSecOps ■ Understand 3 levels of abstraction deep down ■ Can choose wisely CNCF tooling :) ■ Earning +50 - 100% more
  15. Do you customer need it? ■ It Depends :) ■ No, with mature engineering teams ■ No, with medium infra complexity ■ No, with team size up to 40 engineers ■ Yes, with complex infrastructure ■ Yes, with a lot of JS devs :) ■ Yes, in case of 10+ teams Не вір мій син… (с) Лесь подерв'янський
  16. Чого бажає DevOps?
  17. DevOps dream life ■ 3 jobs with total 8 hours of work :) ■ Great night sleep ■ More new tools and automation ■ No alerts on prod environment ■ Dedicated SRE person ■ Ops without development ■ Favorite cloud with managed Kubernetes ■ Terraform and no config drift
  18. Чого бажає Dev?
  19. Developer dream life ■ Two jobs with total 8 hours of work :) ■ No huge JSON and YAML scripts ■ Infras in a project language ■ Proper Unit/Integration tests ■ Git(Ops) for everything ■ Access to all environments ■ Tryout the fancy F# IaC via Farmer ■ Serverless first approach for everything
  20. Pulumi in a nutshell ■ Team favorite language for infrastructure ■ C#, JS, TS, Python, Go) ■ All popular cloud providers support ■ Desired state configuration + state service ■ Proper unit testing ■ Dev portal for deployment status. ■ State service that contain deployed IaaS
  21. How much? Cheaper than Engineer
  22. and ChatGPT
  23. What architects like?
  25. How much? Cheaper than Engineer
  26. So? It depends… ■ Big companies try to build IDP ■ Medium companies adopting DevOps ■ Small companies continue with Shadow Ops ■ DevOps engineers will work on several jobs ■ Product oriented Ops & Devs earn 50% more ■ Serverless containers will abstract Kubernetes ■ Happily ever after Ukraine victory
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