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Скрам и Канбан: применимость самых распространенных методов организации умственной работы от Кирилла Климова

  1. Scrum and Kanban applicability of the most widespread modern tools for organizing knowledge work Kirill Klimov @f0g Bratislava, 29.04.2015 Image attribution Tony Shertila,
  2. State of Agile 9th annual state of agile survey by VersionOne
  3. Shu-Ha-Ri State of Scrum The 2013 State of Scrum report by Scrum Alliance state-of-scrum-report
  4. Applicability considerations 1. Starting Point 2. Sustainable Change
  5. Starting point: Scrum 1. Roles 2. Artifacts 3. Events
  6. Scrum = revolution not necessarily t p Revolution t p Evolution
  7. Starting point: Kanban 1. 4 Foundational Principles 2. 6 General Practices
  8. 12-14 months Sustainable
  9. Sustainable change: cultural match OPENNESS COURAGE RESPECT FOCUS COMMITMENT Transparency Agreement Balance Understanding Respect CollaborationLeadership Flow Customer focus
  10. Sustainable change: digging deeper into the org. culture
  11. Software development is not a rational process. It's a process made by people with feelings with bodies and with thinking. And by putting all those together I can be a more effective software developer. Kent Beck
  12. Use the Energy
  13. “You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well, you know We all want to change the world“
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