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Sergii Bielskiy "Dev spaces development in AKS"


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In this presentation we will look at Azure Dev spaces and how to collaborate between development team in AKS. You will learn tips and tricks in building, testing scenarios and do end – to – end testing with other components without replicating or mocking up dependencies.

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Sergii Bielskiy "Dev spaces development in AKS"

  1. 1. Dev spaces development in AKS Sergii Bielskyi Eleks
  2. 2. About me Current – Cloud architect at Eleks Previous – Cloud Solution Architect at Qiio E-doc at APU MCS at MS Ukraine MVP, Lead of SharePoint and IoT communities Facebook Twitter @sergey_belskiy Blog
  3. 3. Before to start What is a container? Providing operating system virtualization that allows multiple isolated applications to be run on a single system
  4. 4. Difference between Containers and VMs Container Virtual Machine
  5. 5. AKS means … Kubernetes is great for deploying, running, and managing cloud-native applications… …but what about building those applications?
  6. 6. AKS: Simplify the deployment, management, and operations of Kubernetes
  7. 7. End-to-end experience
  8. 8. Collaborate efficiently with Azure Dev Spaces
  9. 9. Why Azure Dev Spaces? • Minimize local dev machine setup for each team member and work directly in AKS, a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure • Rapidly iterate and debug code directly in Kubernetes using Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code. • Generate Docker and Kubernetes configuration-as-code assets for you to use from development through to production. • Share a managed Kubernetes cluster with your team and collaboratively work together. Develop your code in isolation, and do end-to-end testing with other components without replicating or mocking up dependencies.
  10. 10. Fast, iterative development for cloud native apps
  11. 11. How Azure Dev Spaces works
  12. 12. Team development
  13. 13. Collaborate within a development team WebFrontEnd MyWebApi OtherService
  14. 14. Collaborate within a development team
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. Resources Get started with Azure Dev Spaces