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"Pet Project for Fun and Profit", Vitalii Ruban

  1. PET PROJECT For Fun and Profit
  2. Pet Project Requires •Your time •Care •Love
  3. Instead •Lots of fun •New knowledge •Or even turn it into the unicorn (not promising)
  4. About Me • Vitalii Ruban • Competence manager in Itera • Love #webperf and #websecurity
  5. Angular Template for Visual Studio • Got around 30k downloads • Doable, but people doesn’t read description
  6. NPM package • One-line NPM package • More than 40k downloads and 2k downloads per week • Even simple things might bring some use
  7. Chrome Extension • Chrome Extension to enhance UX for the IT Web Portal • Design and some functionality done by the community
  8. But much more of my projects was abandoned Especially game like things
  9. What is the Pet Project? •Pet Project is not a learning project (however you will learn something new) •Pet Project is not a demo project
  10. Pet Project • Fun • Released
  11. “Right” theme is super important • Source of inspiration • Attract other people
  12. Option1 Fun • Hobby projects • - free JSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris facts
  13. Option2 Pain Anything that you want to automate
  14. Never pick a theme that doesn’t resonate with your ❤
  15. Planning
  16. Pet project – race against yourself - until you get bored and tired
  17. Do only what your app doesn't make sense without
  18. Only must • Set one (maximum two) goals • Categorize all work as must have (the solution is useless without such features) and nice to have • Implement only must have features • Note nice to have features somewhere just not to forget
  19. FOR THE FIRST 2-3 PROJECTS • Not more than 16-20 hours • Not more than 2-3 weeks
  21. Dedicate the time Pet project is not something unserious
  22. REGULAR BASIS Two hours per day is better than 6 -> 2 -> 0
  24. UNDERESTIMAT ES Don't try to create a new Facebook (at least from the first attempt)
  25. AVOID ADDING NON- CRUCIAL FEATURES Implement only the features that are absolutely needed for the project
  26. MINIMIZE INFRASTRUCTU RE WORK • For the small projects, hard automatization takes more time than coding • Release should be your primary focus
  27. ABANDONIN G Abandoning project might lead you to the lack of self-esteem
  28. Takeaways • Pet Project is a great thing, but it requires efforts from your side • Pet Project = release • First project <= 16 hours of work • First release - only must have features • Working day by day