How to add flash video to wordpress based website or blog


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show you how to add flash vide

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How to add flash video to wordpress based website or blog

  1. 1. How to add flash video to Wordpress based blog and website?  Introduction Are you distressed in how to embed a flash video (.flv) to your website or blog? Or want to add an intro video, welcome video or product video on your web page for promoting your business or sharing your video, however, you have no idea to use Adobe Flash software or use HTML, PHP codes? All problems will be remove through the PPlayer2.0, PPlayer2.0 is a free and easily flash flv video player for CMS, ecommerce, Blog and any HTML page. PPlayer driven by XML and there is an admin panel assist user embed flash video. Click below link to view the PPlayer2.0 details on its official website. PPlayer2.0 – A free flash flv video player for CMS and eCommerce You can download PPlayer2.0 for free. To use it, you need install it and then handler 3 key steps: 1) Upload your flv videos via FTP and update the data file in admin panel of the PPlayer 2) Generate the embed codes in the admin panel of the PPlayer 3) Edit your webpage, paste the generated codes (to embed video) and save it During the 4 steps, you need not to setup anything complicated or learn any codes & programming knowledge, just click, copy and paste.
  2. 2.  How to install PPlayer2.0 To embed video easily, there is a admin panel in PPlayer, so you have to install it before using the PPlayer, following below steps to install the pplayer:
  3. 3. 1.How to upload videos & update data file? After the installation, check the folders on your host or server, you can find a ‘video’ folder in the ‘VideoPlayer’ folder. Just upload your all flv videos to this folder: And then, login to the admin panel of the PPlayer, there is an ‘Update’ button which in the center column in home page of the panel, click it to update the data file:
  4. 4. You will get the results after updating the data file: Now you can generate the embed codes for a video which you uploaded here 2.How to generate embed codes for a video? First select ‘Generate Embed Code’ in admin panel: You will see the ‘flash video embed tool’ page, just following the instruction to: 1) Select a video 2) Choose the type(where the video should be embedded) 3) Set the player size to fit your web page Click the ‘Generate’ button then.
  5. 5. You will see the generated codes in a new dialog, click ‘copy to clipboard’ to copy the codes to clipboard, so you can paste it in your webpage editor: Next, get ready to edit post/page or add a new post/page in wordpress, paste these codes to embed the video.
  6. 6. 3.Embed codes to WordPress Following below image to learn how to embed the generated codes in the post/page:
  7. 7. Preview – refresh the blog (or website) to preview and test That’s how using PPlayer to embed a video into the post/page in wordpress. Confused? There are many of steps, why use it? It seems complex for one video, but it’s very useful when you have multiple videos need to be embedded in separated web pages, the admin panel makes you have ability generate the embed codes for each video (you uploaded) easily, so you can embed each video to separated web page quickly by pasting the embed codes, and during all steps, you need not to learn any codes or programming knowledge, just click, copy, paste, it’s that.  Click to view the PPlayer2.0 on official website: free flash flv video player - PPlayer