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10 05-11

  1. 1. Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne nUUz Issue 9, Volume 70 May 2010 5310 Old Mill Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46807 Contact information Minister: Sunday Morning Services Sunday, May 16, 2010 10 AM Minister Emerita: Forum: Life on Eaarth - A Sense of Place Rev. Dr. Laurie E. Proctor What is the appropriate relationship between humans and the whole Congregational Administrator: living system? Kirsten E. Eckert Self- Religious & Self-Discovery for Youth Office hours: 11 AM Sun.-Thurs. 9 AM to 1 PM Service: Shining Our Light administrator@uufortwayne.org This morning is our Annual Spring Music Service. We will also honor (260) 744-1867 (office) our Religious Education graduates and teachers. Director of Religious Education: Sunday, May 23, 2010 10 AM Director of Music: Forum: Life on Eaarth - The Unfolding Story Suellen R. Kipp The story of an interconnected, interdependent, living universe is told. music.suellen@uufortwayne.org Self- Religious & Self-Discovery for Youth Director of Music Emerita: 11 AM Anne H. Littlefield Service: “The Possible Impossible ~ Dr. L. Michael Spath 2010 Congregational President: Roger McNett FLOWER COMMUNION SERVICE president@uufortwayne.org Dress in bright colors. Bring a flower to share. Take a flower home with you. Prepare for a fresh start, a new beginning, a new perspective. Invite friends to join you, and to hear Dr. Spath offer the congregation a fresh vision, and suggest a “patron saint” for Unitarian Universalism. Sunday, May 30, 2010 10 AM Forum: NO FORUM this morning This Congregation is dedicated to the Self- Religious & Self-Discovery for Youth progressive transformation and ennoblement of individual and social 11 AM life through religion, in accordance Service: Memorial Day - John Moore with the advancing knowledge and John Moore has assembled readings by veterans and their families as growing vision of humankind. Bound a special Memorial Day service. Join us for an intergenerational by this common purpose, and service and stay for the Potluck Picnic afterward. committed to the freedom of belief, we hold in unity a diversity of convictions. Childcare available for infants and toddlers, 9:45 AM to 12:15 PM
  2. 2. Page 2 qualifications of all four and with their choice at a special The Interim Search quickly settled on two candidates meeting on Thursday, May 6 and, Process who seemed highly qualified to meet our situation and needs. on Friday morning, May 7, President Roger McNett called Because it is the job of the Then followed an intense period her and she agreed to be our Board of Trustees to choose an devoted to interviewing the interim minister. interim minister, they began the candidates’ references and others The interview with Rev. Jennie process by appointing a Task who had worked with them convinced the Task Force that she Force that represented the during their most recent is a natural “listener” who pays congregation. The Task Force ministries. attention to congregants and consisted of John Moore, Abi The Task Force worked many, their feelings to identify their Hobbs, Susan Wenger, Kira many hours reading materials values and needs. Her approach Downey, Hope Sheehan, Evan sent by candidates, contacting is positive, friendly, and Davis, and Roger McNett. Each references and other people who supportive. It also became clear was chosen because of their had worked with the candidates. to them that she had done her church experience and the Finally they put together homework on UUCFW, and was unique and professional skills questions that mattered to our eager to come and work with us they have to share in doing this congregation to interview the as our interim minister. job. candidates via conference calls. The Task Force feels Rev. This Task Force’s job was to The Task Force met the Barrington is a highly gifted investigate the four names the evening of Wednesday, May 5, to individual and we are confident UUA provided and come up with interview the two finalists. After she brings to us the qualities we the most appropriate candidate careful consideration, the Task were seeking from the outset of for our church. They received Force decided the best one for our our search. We look forward to this list the week of April 28. The church at this time is Rev. Jennie beginning to work with her this Task Force reviewed the Barrington. The board agreed coming August. A Brief applied for the vacancy here in Fort Wayne. her ministry there, where they told us she had done good work Introduction One colleague of hers in South and had been a “calming, productive” influence who had Rev. Jennie Ann Barrington Bend told us that she had “done “done wonders” with staff, great things for South Bend”, Rev. Jennie, as her congregants ending with a successful canvass especially the religious education fondly call her, graduated from program. She worked well with campaign in what another Bangor Theological Seminary in the Board during an extremely colleague had called a 2001 and was ordained by the difficult time for the congregation that was “troubled” UU Congregation of congregation. when she arrived. At least one of Winchendon, Massachusetts in our contacts in the congregation Rev. Jennie loves the challenge 2004, where she served as a part- stated that he would have loved of her work as an interim time minister until she accepted a to have her continue there as the minister, and that repeatedly position as interim minister for settled minister. A district came across in our interviews one year in South Bend, Indiana executive told us he “admired with her references in South in 2008. When she left South what she did there” in getting the Bend and Fredericksburg. She Bend, she accepted an interim congregation back on track repeatedly was given kudos for position in Fredericksburg, toward addressing its issues and helping the Boards and volunteer Virginia. Her tenure in South securing a settled minister. leaders to examine and address Bend was so rewarding that she larger issues that needed looked for an opportunity to Contacts in Fredericksburg attention. return to the Midwest and were even more effusive about
  3. 3. Page 3 in the Fall (a very important and Impossible.” Dress in bright, Flower Communion positive step), we want you to flowery colors. Bring a flower to Sunday, May 23 enter the summer with a sure share, and plan to take a flower footing for the future, a fresh home with you. Invite a friend to In the April issue of the nUUz, start, a new perspective. come with you, too. Minister Emerita, Rev. Dr. Laurie Proctor, wonderfully painted a Dr. Michael Spath will lead the It’s a “don’t miss” Sunday at picture of hope for the Flower Communion service on the Meetinghouse on Sunday, congregation. As you prepare for Sunday, May 23, and give the May 23. the coming of an Interim Minister sermon: “The Possible What topics would you like us community as we have done this Adult Forum to address? past year. As we begin planning for next Perhaps you have a program I look forward to hearing from season’s Adult Forum programs, I you would like to present. If so, you, and thanks in advance for would appreciate some input please keep in mind its potential your participation. My email from members of our appeal to those outside our address is JNuech@aol.com congregation. congregation. We hope to Jeanne Nuechterlein What are your interests? attract people from the Over Seventy. She has invited us Pat Love is planning our June Sisters Over to meet at the New Fox Island 10 meeting. Seventy (SOS) Nature Center at 10:30 AM for bird and small animal viewing. Cynthia Powers is in charge of the May 13 meeting of Sisters Optional equipment will be binoculars and a picnic lunch. Staying in town for Jennie Barrington, will be joining be a potluck affair. We’ll have a us! She’ll be in town to do some signup sheet at the May 16 and Memorial Day? house hunting, and is eager to May 23 social hours to help plan Bring the family to the meet some of her new for the event. Just let us know if Meetinghouse for an congregational family. We think you’re bringing a main course, a intergenerational service, to be you’ll be as delighted to meet her dessert, or a side dish. We’ll do followed by a family picnic. as the search Task Force was to the rest. We’ll provide coffee, find someone with her tea, and soft drinks for all, and BUT WAIT! THERE’S exceptional qualifications and ice cream and chips for those MORE! personal qualities. who aren’t watching their waistlines. Join in! Our new interim minister, Rev. The Memorial Day picnic will
  4. 4. Page 4 Wellspring and four roving UU Garage Sale instructors on art, dance, music UUs at the TinCaps Sat., June 12 and yoga meet weekly with youth. Field trips are provided Sat., July 10 Our UU Garage Sale is going weekly. to take place the same time as Join your fellow UUs at the our Woodhurst Neighborhood The kids gather at their TinCaps downtown July 10 sale, Saturday, June 12 12. specific age group site from 9 AM to Noon and then all Be part of the fun Saturday, Don’t start to bring your participants meet at Moody Park July 10 downtown at Parkview items until Sunday, June 6 as we 6, for lunch through the Fort Field when the UUs go to a have the Alicia Pyle Trio here on Wayne Community School’s Free TinCaps game. Saturday, June 5. Lunch Program. It’s the best entertainment Please PRICE your own items. The Summer Day Camp had a value in Fort Wayne. The According to some Garage Sale record-setting year in 2009 as evening not only promises a Conventional Wisdom, place the daily attendance averaged 303 baseball game with the 2009 price on TOP of the item. Also, kids. Midwest League champs but also when pricing start with the the amazing magic of Quick guideline of 1/3 of what it costs The Camp begins the second Change (of “America’s Got new. If it cost you $15, try for Monday of June and meets for a Talent” fame) and post-game $2 or $3. seven week period. fireworks. We’ll need helpers that day This past summer a special If you’ve been to a TinCaps too, so let us know if you want to pilot program reached out to the game, you know how much fun participate! Burmese community involving it is. If you haven’t yet, you owe 35 youth who resided in the it yourself to see what all the Autumn Woods and Riverview fuss is about over downtown apartment complexes. Fort Wayne baseball (and In October of 2009 parking is NOT an issue). Not to Wellspring’s Summer Day Camp mention this is the first day of Program was named a recipient the Three Rivers Festival so of a 2009 Indiana Youth there’s so much fun to be had Investment Award from the downtown. Indiana Youth Institute. Only ten Our wonderful seats cost just Indiana organizations -- over Wellspring Summer 200 were considered -- received $9 a ticket. We only have 50 tickets on reserve so you’ll want Camp recognition for exemplary youth programs. to get them early, as it’s likely the game could sell out. We will Over the past four years, we need your money in advance, have raised a total of $4,575 for There are no fees for Wellspring’s Summer Day Camp preferably by May 26 so please 26, the Wellspring Summer Day get a check or cash to the Camp program. This is an and free transportation is provided for approximately 60% church office for your ticket amazing amount of money and it total. You will get your tickets goes to an amazingly important of the kids. with seats together for your cause: children. Send your donations here to family/group prior to the game. In the Youth Summer Day the office, with Wellspring in the memo line, or turn them in after What a fun way to celebrate Camp Program youth, aged 4 to summer with your fellow UUs. 16, are divided in five age Sunday services. And get to see the Unitarian groups and meet at five Thank you for what you can Universalist Congregation of participating downtown give – it is a very worthwhile Fort Wayne up on the second congregations. Each age group program and your help is more largest video board in minor is professionally staffed by than appreciated. league baseball.
  5. 5. Page 5 these not apply to you, and Many more participants are Your Viewpoints perhaps you wonder why? needed to complete the study, however, so your participation Still are Needed! No matter what your would be greatly appreciated! responses to these questions your Study of Spirituality and Please go to the website help is greatly needed with an Creativity (website: online study being conducted theCreativeDifference.NET and theCreativeDifference.NET): theCreativeDifference.NET): consider encouraging members through Oxford University by of your family or posting a link Branden Thornhill Miller is Branden Thornhill-Miller. The to your friends--of whatever authoring a study and needs at study explores potentially religious background. Thank least 50 more participants. Will relevant aspects of personality you! you take the time to help? Your and perception as well as voice will be heard. Here’s what possible gender differences. Branden Thornhill-Miller the study involves: If you leave an email address Lecturer & Director of Studies in Have you had religious or you can be sent a summary of Psychology & Philosophy spiritual experiences, or the results, entered in a drawing Hertford & Harris Manchester overwhelming experiences of for two $50 prizes, and be Colleges beauty? Are you creative or do notified when a talk on the study University of Oxford you have a “creative is given. tel.: +44 1865 279 436 personality”? Or do some of A Workshop with Agnostics.” other emotionally loaded Dr. Chris Schriner subject. Here are some reasons you Monday, June 7 7-9 PM might want to attend: Dr. Schriner is Minister People you love clash about Emeritus of Mission Peak Did you know that atheists are • Unitarian Universalist the minority group most religion. You wish you could Congregation in Fremont, Americans are least willing to help them reconcile. California. He is also the author allow their children to marry? You believe in God, and you • of five books, and he also According to a recent study, they are concerned about friends practiced group and individual are “seen as a threat to the or family members who do psychotherapy for 25 years. American way of life.” Even not. within Unitarian Universalism, Suggested donation for this theists and atheists often find it • You don’t believe in God, but program is $5-10, depending on awkward to communicate about some of those you care about financial means. No one will be theological matters. But Rev. are fervent believers. turned away for lack of funds. Chris Schriner is convinced that • You wonder whether theists Although pre-registration is not believers and non-believers have and atheists might have more required, we would appreciate a lot more in common than they in common than they advance signups so we will think. imagine. know about how many to expect. Marjan Boogert will have a sign- While visiting Ft. Wayne June You want to have candid and • up sheet at Sunday services. 7 Chris will present a workshop yet respectful conversations based upon his brand-new book, with people whose opinions For more information about “Bridging the Great God Gap: are different from yours – the program, contact Chris Finding Common Ground opinions about religion, Schriner, cschriner@uuma.org. Among Believers, Atheists, and politics, morality, or any
  6. 6. Page 6 Happy Birthday to And welcome to some of our our May newest members that we just celebrants!! honored this past Mother’s Day (Yes, I know some Sunday in our service: are now belated- belated- May Anniversaries of joining the Terri & Danny Swim sorry!) Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne Ramona McGown Bonnie Andrews 05/22/1955 Cyndi Lettau Gary Parkins 05/01 Charles Redd 05/24/1970 Loren Lybarger Susan Yee 05/02 Toni Kring 05/30/1977 Jean Porter Larry Burke 05/06 Jerry Lawson 05/27/1979 Ludy Goodson and Steve Weaver 05/09 Marsi Lawson 05/27/1979 Margaret & Bob Ferguson Gerry Kaufman 05/10 Ina Dormire 05/13 Larry Curtis 05/02/1983 Kees deWit 05/23 Maggie Curtis 05/02/1983 Steven L. Zimmerman Sam Hapner 05/24 05/21/2000 Andrew Connor Fouts-Grubbs 05/24 Robert L. Elmer 05/18/2003 John T. Moore 05/26 Jon Pontzius 05/21/2006 J. Ann Colbert 05/20/2006 Yorkova Dixie 05/16/2009 Sixties Sisters & Alicia Pyle Trio Friends Saturday, June 5, 2010 (for all adult women) 7:30 PM The Sixties Sisters (Sixters) are meeting Tuesday, May 25 at 7 PM in the choir room of the Tickets $10 Meetinghouse. Remember that you don’t have to be in your ($5 student) sixties to join us!
  7. 7. Page 7 Here are the current committees you Forum Romeos might want to lend your energy to. Jeanne Nuechterlein John Moore Listed are the committee, the chair(s), (JNuech@aol.com) (jtmoore20112@verizon.net) and their email address. Gallery Sixties Sisters (Sixters) Adult Focused Social Activities Larry Curtis Marsi Lawson Bev Brown (lmcurtis3@gmail.com) and (mugs765@lifescapes.net) (b.brownie1956@yahoo.com) Susan Wenger (wenger49@verizon.net) Sisters Over Seventy Building and Grounds Carol VerWiebe Rick Stirratt (ebstir@verizon.net) Meditation (rverwiebe@verizon.net) and Danny Swim Pamela Steinbach (jdswim33@hotmail.com) (pamela@appreciateyourlife.com) Social Action & Service Susan Yee Care Committee Membership/Welcome (susancottrill@yahoo.com) and Jacquelyn Moore Jon Pontzius Marjan Boogert (Rashana99jsm@hotmail.com) (jpontzius@earthlink.net) (mboogert@gmail.com) Congregational Ministry Mental Health Committee UU Gardens Ruth de Wit Larry Hayes (ljhayes38@aol.com) John Steinbach (RDewit@bcjslaw.com) (john@jpconsultantsinc.com) Music on Old Mill Abi Hobbs Dinner Club Jeanne Nuechterlein (Abigail.hobbs@gmail.com) Ann Colbert (JNuech@aol.com) (uudinner.acolbert@gmail.com) Ushers & Greeters Peace Earth Spirit Circle Dave Lambert Worship Dee Koehl (dkoehl@verizon.net) (dl2001@comcast.net) Gabe Dawkins and Deb Roemisch (dawk0478@aol.com) (debjsd@yahoo.com) Philosophy Discussion Jon Pontzius Youth RE Endowment (jpontzius@earthlink.net) Abi Hobbs Judy Wertenberger (Abigail.hobbs@gmail.com) and (QJane11@aol.com) Publicity Terri Swim Carol VerWiebe (jdswim33@hotmail.com) Finance Committee (rverwiebe@verizon.net) Karen Goldner (kgoldner@verizon.net) Adolescent set of wheels (skates, skateboard, that you’re comfortable with the wheels scooter, etc) on May 22nd at 5:00. Until your child brings. There will be no Free- Free-skate 8:00, we’ll be rolling, watching, or sharing of Hang- (and Hang- hanging out inside. wheels without Questions? Talk to Abi Hobbs (812- parental out) approval. 455-5575 or Abigail.Hobbs@gmail.com) We’re roping off the parking lot, so bring a sack dinner and your favorite Note to parents Please make sure parents:
  8. 8. nUUz May Langhinrichs Gallery Unitarian Universalist Congregation “Whispers on the Wind with 5310 Old Mill Road Fort Wayne, IN 46807-3017 the Two Sipsters” April 24 - June 13, 2010 Next nUUz article deadline: 05/23/2010 Visit our website at: http://uufortwayne.org Love is the spirit of this church … Activities to plan for: • Adolescent Skate, Saturday, May 22 @ 5 PM • Flower Communion, Sunday, May 23 • Memorial Day service & Potluck Picnic, Sunday, May 30 • Alicia Pyle Trio, Saturday, June 5 @ 7:30 PM • Bridging the Great God Gap, Monday, June 7 @ 7 PM • UU Garage Sale, Saturday, June 12 @ 8 AM • 18- Women’s Retreat, June 18-20 @ Kathryn Farnsworth’s house • TinCaps Game (UU Night), Saturday, July 10 Sunday Morning at the Meetinghouse We meet at 10 AM Sunday mornings for The Forum, while the Children & Youth attend Religious & Self- Discovery. Our Sunday Morning Worship Service begins to gather at 10:55 AM; children and youth are invited to attend the service, or they can attend their Religious Education classes, which takes place during the service. We have childcare for infants and toddlers.