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Preparing The Trinidadian Manager For Jamaica


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Preparing the Trinidadian Manager to lead a company in Jamaica summarizes the results of a 2006 study of Trinidadian executives in Jamaica.

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Preparing The Trinidadian Manager For Jamaica

  1. 1. Preparing Trinidadian Managers for Jamaican Companies By Francis Wade Framework Consulting Inc. HRMATT Biennial Conference 2007 Nov 9 th , 2007
  2. 2. Jamaicans are admired, feared and not well understood
  3. 3. Caribbean Human Resource professionals want to be well-prepared
  4. 4. Recent news has been bad, disturbing and confusing
  5. 6. Powerful insights will enable you to take a leadership role
  6. 7. Challenge Company Executives to Step Up
  7. 8. 1. Clarifying Company Culture Makes the Transition Easier Culture
  8. 9. A Cultural Audit Creates Understanding
  9. 10. A Cultural Audit : Surfaces assumptions about which culture is “better”
  10. 11. A Cultural Audit : Allows the existing cultures to be acknowledged and validated
  11. 12. A Cultural Audit : Allows the blend of both cultures to be better than either single culture
  12. 13. Defining new and specific Cultural Attributes build a firm foundation Core Values Vision Mission Brand Promise Strategic plans History
  13. 14. Clear Attributes prevent “Trinidadian culture” from becoming the new standard
  14. 15. Clear Attributes: Allow HR to create plans and programmes Interventions HR Strategy Performance Review Leadership Development Training Coaching Expat Transition Services Orientation Cultural Sensitivity Executive Succession Pension Planning Health Insurance Payroll Processing Transition Policies Pay Scales Recruiting Internal Branding Job Design Retention Outplacement
  15. 16. Common training puts everyone on the same page The past is left behind for both companies A new, joint vision can be created
  16. 17. 2. Culturally- Sensitive Leaders Can Build Trust
  17. 18. Leaders can see how strengths turn into weaknesses
  18. 19. Informality, and lack of hierarchy connote disrespect
  19. 20. A focus on profits is seen as exploitation
  20. 21. Pecong is taken quite seriously
  21. 22. Leaders understand and adapt to Jamaican work culture
  22. 23. They understand the importance of respect
  23. 24. The realize they need to be much more hands on
  24. 25. They know that the workplace emotional maturity is lower
  25. 26. Q: Is there an Anti-Trinidadian bias? There are negative utterances But No wide-spread hard feelings* * (pre-LNG deal)
  26. 27. 3. Teaching Executives to Be Reflective Helps Them Deal With Obstacles
  27. 28. Showing them their own path gives them awareness They can…
  28. 29. … see their own overconfidence /arrogance at the start
  29. 30. … expect resistance, and some big surprises
  30. 31. … try to avoid overcompensating
  31. 32. … avoid cynicism
  32. 33. They can find resolution through effective reflecting
  33. 34. With improved reflection skills, comes superior listening skills: What is in the Unsaid?
  34. 35. … when listening to employees?
  35. 36. … when listening to the company?
  36. 37. … when listening to the country’s “mood”
  37. 38. Listening to the Unsaid: Miracles
  38. 39. How can the HR professional take a leadership role in cross-cultural situations?
  39. 40. “ Unknown” cultures are scary.
  40. 41. Become effective by learning to take specific, informed actions
  41. 42. Ensuring your company’s success as it does business across the Caribbean region and beyond
  42. 43. Human Resource Professional: leading the regional transition of your company For further information on this topic, send email to [email_address] Framework Consulting Inc.