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AIT Narrative Report Guide 2013 2


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Narrative Report Guide Chapter 1-5

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AIT Narrative Report Guide 2013 2

  1. 1. Tips to Hide Chapter’s Page Number Insert Rectangle Format Shape Fill – White 1 Shape Outline - White Chapter 1 Comment [o1]: Line spacing- Formatted – Apply to all Font Size 12 1 Make your own or group intro Don’t copy previous intro INTRODUCTION Comment [o2]: Not include in 1 Provide single line space before introduction double spacing 2 Comment [o3]:Indentation – 0.5” On the job training or OJT is one method by which students is given a chance to Can be the same with others/group (For the sameApply in all company)paragraphs apply the theories and computations that they have learned from the school. It also Introduction contains Apply double -Overview of Information Technology line spacing -Provide group definition of OJT (Ctrl+2) / helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work -Mention Technology/Information related to the paragraph Nature of the operations of the company setting. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such training within a Comment [o4]: Chapter’s Title – Font Size -14 Comment [o5]: specific number of hours as part of the curriculum. Provide 2 single line spaces before the 1st paragraphNot include indouble spacing 1 Comment [o6]: First line indented – 0.5” For the students, an OJT or internship program provides opportunities Togo Apply proper line spacing In between paragraph – single line spacing through the actual methodologies of a specific job using the real tools, equipment and documents. In effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about his chosen field and practice what he has learn from academy. On the other hand, an effective OJT program also benefits the companies Paragraph Alignment – Justify who accept trainees. First OJT or intern provides additional manpower for a lesser labor Apply to all cost than a regular employee. Most of them are all eager to learn the ropes so chances are high that they will cooperate. Employers can use this internship strategy as a method in recruiting new employees. Since the trainer or the supervisor can follow the trainees’ progress, he can gauge based on performance, behavior and attitude if the trainee will make a good recruit after the completion of his internship.Not include indouble spacing 1 2 Comment [o7]: Provide 2 single line spaces before the next topic Historical Background of the CompanyNot include in Comment [o8]:double spacing 1 Chapter’s Content Titles – Font Size - 12 Rev. Fr. Juan de Placencia founded Paete in 1580. Originally, Paete was part of Comment [o9]: -Contains historical background of the company Lumban, then it annexed to Pangil and two (2) years thereafter, it became an -Can be the same with others / group independent parish under the able leadership of Pedro San Buenaventura. Comment [o10]: -Apply double spacing per paragraph - Do not include the line spaces in between title/sub- titles and paragraph
  2. 2. 2Vision/Mission/Objectives of the Company Comment [o11]: -Contains the VMGO of the Company -Can be the same with others/ groupVision Comment [o12]: Observe the formatting Apply double spacing per paragraph A God-centered, progressive and peaceful town giving significance to its tourism, Do not include the line spaces in between title/sub- titles and paragraphtrade, arts and educational boosted by the whole hearted participation of theconstituents, dedicated commitment from the leaders providing socio-economic andagro-industrial development and environmental management thru the efficient andadequate delivery of basic services.Mission To pursue vivid prospect feasible for development, where in the community aimsto progress by means of action and programs guided by a comprehensive Executiveand Legislative Agenda and backstopped by a team of committed public servants.Performance Pledge A public office is a public trust. This is what foremost in our minds as we whoconstitute the Municipal Government of Paete, Laguna pledge our best efforts to deliverand provide the services which our constituents duly deserve, with a keen sense ofpride, professionalism and integrity.
  3. 3. 3Organizational Chart of the Company Comment [o13]: Contains the General Organization Structure of the Company (Put the Updated Chart, If Any) Comment [o14]: -Insert the Organization Structure here -Indicate the Figure no. and label -Whole pageDepartment/Division/Section Comment [o15]: -Indicate functions/responsibilities of the department/division/section/office -Where the trainee was assigned -If assign in many office, include all Comment [o16]: -Insert the Department/Division/Section/Office Organizational Chart - Include the name, designation and photos - Refer to other narrative report - Indicate the Figure no. and labelPersonnel In-Charge and Designation Comment [o17]: -Discuss here the biography of the Supervisor/s -If possible, more detailsInclusive Dates of Training Comment [o18]: -Discuss here the detailed duration of the training
  4. 4. 4 Chapter 2 IN-PLANT TRAINING PROGRAM Comment [fvs19]: Discuss the training system of the company / institution / establishment Contains -Process of application/hiring/accepting trainees -OJT orientation -Benefits/Incentives/Rewards given to OJT -OJT Promotion/Recruitment/Absorption -OJT Seminars/ Workshops/Trainings -Participation/Involvement of the trainees in company events such Christmas Party Do not copy the previous Narrative Can be the same with others / group (For the same company assignment)TIMETABLES Comment [fvs20]:1 -Contains the weekly activities / agenda of the A timetable or schedule is an organized list, usually set out in tabular form, trainee -Individualproviding information about a series of arranged events: in particular, the time at whichit is planned these events will take place.1Table 1. The Weekly Agenda of the Student-Trainee.1 DAY TIME JOB DESCRIPTION Comment [fvs21]: Table headings - Bold 1 1. Software installation 8:00 A.M. 2. Encoding of business application to permit through Paete E-BPLS 12:00 N.N. (Electronic Business Permit Licensing Comment [fvs23]: Apply double line space (Ctrl+2) Time – Center on row/column System). Monday Comment [fvs22]: Day – Center on row/column 1 1 3. Encoding the certificate of appearance 4. Receiving Papers 1:00 P.M. 5. Printing drivers I.D. to 6. Trouble Shooting Printer 5:00 P.M. 7. Trouble Shooting Computer 8. Washing Dishes Comment [fvs24]: Day activities – numbered continuously Apply double line spacing (Ctrl+2) 1
  5. 5. 5Areas of Training Comment [fvs25]: Contains the field of trainings assigned/given by the company/supervisorFollow the same formatting12Functions and Duties of the Employees Comment [fvs26]: -Contains the designation functions/duties of the1 employees General Services Officer. The Office of the Municipal General Services as -Just the designation -Refer to your Department/Division/Section Organizational Chartheaded by the General Services Officer whose main function are supervising incoming -All Comment [fvs27]: -Designation – Boldand outgoing documents, voucher, PR, PO and OBr. -Period Comment [fvs28]:1 -Designation Functions/Duties Clerk I. The Office of the Municipal General Services has the Clerk I and AdminAide I; they are all the responsible for paperworks, voucher, PR, PO and OBr(Obligation Request).12List of References in the Company Library Comment [fvs29]: -Contains available manual or handbook1 - The table below shows the available manual or handbook as references ofindividual employee pertaining to the policies and guidelines set forth by theorganization.1Table 2. Company Library Reference.1 Company References DescriptionCompany Policy Handbook The handbook contains the policies of the Comment [fvs30]: Font Face – Not Bold Text/Paragraph – Single line space company regarding the schedules, working uniform, personal relationships and such.12List of Forms or Documents Dealt With Comment [fvs31]: Contains The table below shows the available forms or documents in the office/departmentdealt with by the trainee.1Table 3. Forms or Documents.1 Company References DescriptionObligation Request Form It pertains to the job request to be filled-up by the clients.
  6. 6. 6 Chapter 3 Comment [fvs32]: Observe the spacing, alignment and indentation 1 DAILY ROUTINARY ACTIVITY Comment [fvs33]: -Contains the day to day activities of the trainee 1 -Individual 2 In this chapter, the student trainee presents the day-to-day standardize actions orprocedures that are followed regularly and often repetitiously.12NOVEMBER 20111 DATE ACTIVITIES Comment [fvs34]: Change JOB DESCRIPTION toNovember 22 1. Cleaned and resets the Epson T13 printer ACTIVITIES Comment [fvs35]: Note: Dates are not Bold Comment [fvs36]: This was the first day training of the trainee. Past tense Comment [fvs37]: Earned eight (8) training hours. Important events/note that took place within the day Comment [fvs38]: Refer to your OJT notebook time-in and time-outNovember 23 1. Reformatted the Acer Dual Core computer 2. Printed inventory report Note: Earned eight (8) training hours. Comment [fvs39]: Check the aligment
  7. 7. 7 Chapter 4 Comment [fvs40]: Carefully check the line spaces, indentation and 1 formatting SELF-ASSESSMENT Comment [fvs41]: Make your own personal assessment 1 2 In this chapter, the student trainee comprehensively self-assessed the additionalknowledge and skills achieved during the training program.12Achievements1 0.5” a. Skills and Current Technology Learned/Enforced Comment [fvs42]: The technology, processes, skills, knowledge and1 0.5” discipline learned from the training The trainee maximized his skills in encoding job using any of the Microsoft office functions, He also learned how to trouble shoot printer and disassembled laptop. He acquired knowledge in printing, pc trouble shooting, adobe Photoshop, adobe Dreamweaver, adobe in design, adobe audition and adobe illustrator. The trainee also enhanced his interpersonal communication skills by entertaining queries of the applicants, employees of the company and for those who needs information.1 b. Equipment, Machinery, Testing Apparatus, etc. Handled Comment [fvs43]: Indicate all the equipment/machinery handled1 The agency let the trainee used the following equipments for his daily routine in the company:1 Computers. There are three computers in the office. The brands are HP Compaq, Samsung Laptop & ASUS Desktop. The primary purposes of the printers are for encoding renewal papers of license for business permit. Comment [fvs44]: Indicate the purpose, brand / model and the quantity1 c. Strong Points Versus Weak Points Comment [fvs45]: Contains trainees strong performance and weak1 performance By evaluating himself, the trainee noticed that his skills in printer and pc/laptop trouble shooting became much better than before the OJT time.1 d. Best Experience on the Job Comment [fvs46]: Indicate your best experience The trainees best experience in the training was when they celebrate the Christmas party of the Municipality of Paete, He had a lot of fun that day,
  8. 8. 8 The trainee also did not expect that he was one of those who would perform in the special activity. The trainee was surprised but he danced even though he did not know how because he was not aware of the steps.12Faults Comment [fvs47]: -Provide information about faults1 It is very common for a trainee to encounter such failures which can lead to a badcondition. The failure he encountered in the company come during rush hour. Comment [fvs48]: -Indicate you mistakes during the training1 a. Causes Comment [fvs49]: -What are your causes/reasons of your mistakes?1 Because he did not trained himself to work under time pressure.1 b. Suggested Solutions Comment [fvs50]: - Your solutions1 Do not fear your weakness.12Personal Relations: Integration with the Company Personnel Comment [fvs51]: - Assess your personal relation with the1 employees The Personal relation between the trainee and company personnel in the GSO - How the trainee was treated?was like a one big family. He felt that he was one of the regular employees of thecompany. They were open-minded and considerate whenever the trainee had somequestions regarding the job given to him. Then, they taught him different strategies onhow the trainee’s works can be easier, faster and enjoyable. The company employeeand the trainee worked as a team in every working day.12Attendance and Punctuality Comment [fvs52]: Indicate here your attendance and punctuality1 The trainee was very strict on his attendance and hated being late. He went tothe company as early as he can. Until he finished his OJT in the company, he had norecords of any late.12Interest and Commitment Comment [fvs53]: - Indicate here your interest/concentration during1 the training During the On-the-Job Training, the trainee was interested and enjoyed the - Assess your dedication to your OJT assignmentsassigned jobs given to him. His commitment to his training job was full-hearted. He gavehis best each time he does something on his job.
  9. 9. 9 Chapter 5 Comment [fvs54]: Individual 1 RECOMMENDATIONS Comment [fvs55]: - Give your opinion/recommendations/suggestions1 for the improvement of the operations of the2 company In this chapter, the student trainee contains the insights toward how the on-the-job training incorporated to the Information Technology program offered by the Collegeof Arts and Sciences will be enhanced, alternative solutions to have a better companymanagement and advice to the upcoming student-trainees who will conduct work sitetraining at the same company.12Potential of the Company as a Training Ground Comment [fvs56]: - Recommend if the company is a good training ground for IT The company can give the trainee a good experience, knowledge and skills byallowing the student trainee to use different equipments. The employees of thecompany treated the trainee as their co-workers and they teach different strategies tohawk up in a government agency like Municipality of Paete, Laguna. This is a goodtraining ground for all outgoing trainees.1 a. Availability and Appropriateness of Facilities, Equipment, Tools and Machinery Comment [fvs57]: - Any findings/suggestions to improve the1 operation of the company In GSO Office, The employees of the department treated the trainee as their family. And most especially the department can give the trainee a good experience and additional knowledge and skills. The availability and appropriateness of the facilities, equipments, tools and machineries are all appropriate for the work of the student trainee.1 b. Company Cooperation Personnel Comment [fvs58]: - Any suggestions how to improved / sustained1 the harmonious relationship of the employees The trainee observed that the company head of GSO are cooperative. They are approachable, easy to be with, willing to teach and share their knowledge in doing job.
  10. 10. 10Assessment to the Duration of Training Comment [fvs59]: - Is the duration of the training enough or lacking?1 - Recommend something The duration of training is good enough to acquire the knowledge and skillsneeded to work in a real working situation. The required time is enough for the trainee tobe exposed on the office apprenticeship/ Training, public affairs, employee-to-employeerelationship and professional communication to marine officers. The training time is alsoenough to accomplish all the given work.12Proposed Revisions for the Improvement of the Training Program Comment [fvs60]: - Suggest possible improvements1 The trainee would like to give some suggestions or revisions for the LSPU ITTraining program. He thinks that it is much better to give more seminars and workshopsto the outgoing trainees. The OJT-Coordinator should continue to find bigger and well-known IT company as a training ground for future trainees. This will be very helpful forthe next OJT trainee’s to apply their field of specialization as an information technologystudent.12Advised to Future Student-Trainee Comment [fvs61]: - Your advice to the incoming OJT1 The trainee advice to the next OJT trainees to become literate in the field ofcomputer, review and understand well the major and some minor subjects. Attend anyinternship/ orientation seminar and workshop to prepare themselves for all theendeavors they will have during the training. He also advises the future trainees tofamiliarize themselves with the common tasks of any company employee particularlywith the nature of work they might encounter in the training. Those preparations can bea big help for the future student trainees for them to have the best performance in theirOn-the-Job Training.