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Game save the world


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Game save the world

  1. 1. By: Marc G., Ernest and Marc T.
  2. 2. You can print the board game and the instructions or play this game using thedigital board.1. Throw the dice and answer the questions of each coloured square.2. The winner is the first player who reaches the FINISH point.3. Start the game at the START point.4. GOOD LUCK!
  3. 3. Green category: Green world:nature, animals, pollution...9-Name the three “R” ways you don’t waste.2-Name an animal which is in danger of extinction.6-Why is the habitat of polar bears( for other turns:linxes/ Sumathra rhinoceros,…) disappearing?14-What are the main causes of the pollution in ourworld ?
  4. 4. Red category:wars, disasters, hunters...10-Hunters kill animals for food. True or false?1-Why do you think that in a war all the participants say thatthey are the good ones?8-Where are the most popular concentration camps situated?7-A nuclear bomb exploded in the city of Hiroshima on theSecond World War. True or false?
  5. 5. Blue category:hunger, poverty...11-Name the continent with the most number of peoplewith hunger.4-Name the way to solve the poverty of the world.5-Name two ONG helping poor people.13-Why soldiers put anti humanity bombs?
  6. 6. Yellow category:solidarity, friendship, cooperation...15-What is a real friend?16-What does solidarity mean?3-Name a way to cooperate with people of othercountries.12-You can buy a friend. True or false?