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  1. 1. A visitin a bakery
  2. 2. We can learn how to bake It’s a very bread good idea!My mum works in a bakery. What abouthelping her with her work?
  3. 3. I amweightingthe flour
  4. 4. We are It’s a newcrushing experience yeast for us
  5. 5. We aremakingroolls I hope they will be delicious
  6. 6. I’m putingthe mixtureinto the big oven
  7. 7. When willour bread be I don’t baked? know We must wait
  8. 8. In the meantimelet’s segregate Good idea! baskets
  9. 9. Here we have delicious bread and rolls from our bakery
  10. 10. Special thanks toGminna Spółdzielnia Samopomoc Chłopska in Mogilno