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WBCSD Development Focus Area - Overview as of August 2012


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The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is the leading business organization to advocate market-based solutions to development and environment challenges. The role of its Development Focus Area is to: (1) Create awareness – providing thought leadership on the role of business in a changing geopolitical and economic context; and promoting the WBCSD tools that enhance companies’ awareness and capacity to respond to development risks and opportunities. (2) Advocate – advocating business messages and solutions at relevant international processes and regional initiatives; and profiling business contributions to development and sharing best practice through WBCSD communications channels. (3) Catalyze action – demonstrating leadership in action on the ground; and implementing special initiatives, as requested by groups of member companies.

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WBCSD Development Focus Area - Overview as of August 2012

  1. 1. DevelopmentFocus AreaOverview – August 2012
  2. 2. Overview• About WBCSD• Development – business role & contribution• WBCSD Development Focus Area  Objectives  Structure  Knowledge & advocacy products  2012 work program  Engagement opportunities  Key messages
  3. 3. About WBCSDA CEO-led organization of forward-thinking companies that galvanizes the global business community to create a sustainable future for business, society and the environment
  4. 4. WBCSD Regional Network NHO (Norway) n n Vernadsky Foundation (Russia) Danish CSBD n The EXCEL Partnership (Canada) n BCSD UK n n Responsible Business Forum (Poland) n econsense (Germany) Business Europe (Belgium) n CGLI (USA/Canada) n BCSD Austria n n BCSD Hungary n Kazakhstan BCSD EpE (France) n n BCSD Mongolia n BCSD Croatia FE BCSD Spain n FFA (Spain) n n BCSD Turkey n SEV-BCSD Greece n BCSD Korea BCSD Portugal n China BCSD n n Nippon US BCSD n APEQUE (Algeria) n Keidanren (Japan) AEEC (Egypt) n BCSD Pakistan n CII India n n BCSD Taiwan BCSD UAE n BCSD El Salvador n BEC (Hong Kong) BCSD Mexico n TERI BCSD India nCentraRSE (Guatemala) n nn BCSD Honduras BCSD Thailand n n Vietnam BCSD uniRSE (Nicaragua) n n BCSD Curaçao AED (Costa Rica) n n PBE (Philippines) n n BCSD Venezuela BCSD Sri Lanka n IntegraRSE (Panama) n BCSD Colombia BCSD Malaysia n BCSD Ecuador n n Indonesia BCSD PERU 2021 n n BCSD Brazil BCSD Bolivia n BCSD Zimbabwe n BCSD Paraguay n FEMA (Mozambique) n BCA Australia n NBI (South Africa) n n BCSD Uruguay Accion RSE (Chile) n n BCSD Argentina BCSD New Zealand n 4
  5. 5. Development context• Historic shift of economic and politicalpower• Growth needed to reduce poverty andmeet aspirations of growing middleclasses in emerging economies• Current development path will lead The Economist, 6 August 2011to exponential increase of demandfor energy and natural resources– growing pressure on world’secosystems• Need for a transition towardsa more inclusive, low-carbonand resource efficient economy
  6. 6. Business role in Development• Business:  Engine of economic growth and employment, source of technology and innovation  Critical role in providing solutions towards transitioning to a more sustainable and equitable world  Social inclusion & inclusive growth Read more in WBCSD’s “Business & Development” report  Resource efficiency (water, (2010) forests, etc.)  Low-carbon technologies
  7. 7. The business caseWhy should global business invest in sustainable solutions to poverty & development challenges?• Business cannot succeed in societies that fail  Stable and prosperous societies make for better business opportunities• Risk management  License to operate, innovate and grow• Business opportunities & growth markets  Technological and infrastructural investments, inclusive business
  8. 8. Development Focus Area – ObjectivesCreate awareness Providing thought leadership on the role of business in achanging geopolitical and economic context Promoting the WBCSD tools that enhance companies’ awarenessand capacity to respond to development risks and opportunitiesAdvocate Advocating business messages and solutions at relevantinternational processes and regional initiatives Profiling business contributions to development and sharing bestpractice through WBCSD communications channelsCatalyze action Demonstrating leadership in action on the ground Implementing special initiatives, as requested by groups ofmember companies
  9. 9. Leadership: Development Focus AreaCore Team (FACT) Company FACT members BG Group John Grant BP Iain Conn Brisa Vasco de Mello GDF Suez Françoise Guichard General Electric John Rice  ITC  Y.C. Deveshwar Masisa Roberto Salas SC Johnson Steven Stanbrook Toyota Dr. Fujio Cho Vodafone Matthew Kirk Chair
  10. 10. Working Group: 244 persons from 89companies and 21 Regional Network partners
  11. 11. Knowledge & advocacy products Measuring InclusiveDoing business A business Business Impact Business and Inclusive Business Doing Business Investing in a solutions towith the poor: guide to Framework the MDGs Business in for with the World low-carbon enable energy A Field Guide development Latin Development energy future access for all partners America Mobility for Development Inclusive Business Challenge MonthlyFinding capital public Video Promoting National ICT: Anfor sustainable e-newsletter library Inclusive SMEs for Market enabler for livelihoods Business Participation Sustainable inclusive businesses Alliance with Framework Development Inclusive business SNV Business & solutions Business blog Development 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  12. 12. 2012 work program Action Inclusive Business Tools Awareness Development Thought Initiatives Focus Area Leadership Steering WBCSD Regional committee members Network (FACT) Communi-Advocacy Advocacy cations
  13. 13. Thought leadership Platform for leading-edge thinking and messaging on business and development• Completed:  Advocacy piece “Business & Development” (July 2010)  Access to clean, reliable and affordable energy sources (January 2012)  ICTs as an enabler for inclusive business solutions (August 2012)
  14. 14. Tools Platform to access WBCSD tools to enhance companies’ awareness and capacity to respond to development risks and opportunities• Measuring Impact Framework  Measuring and assessing impacts to inform investment decisions• Inclusive Business Challenge  Challenges, drivers and principles of Inclusive Business• National Market Participation Framework  For dialogue between companies and governments on realizing shared interests in enhancing local supplier competitiveness• Forthcoming:  Summary & analysis of available methodologies to measure business impact on development (by end of 2012)
  15. 15. Inclusive BusinessPlatform to support local initiatives and broker ventures in cooperation with WBCSD Regional Network partners and their members• Completed:  Alliance WBCSD-SNV Netherlands Development Organization (2006-2010) – brokered 40 ventures in Latin America• Latest initiatives:  New blog  Latin American Inclusive Business Leaders Network: virtual platform convening 150+ executives and 14 Regional Network partners – promotes and facilitates advocacy, exchanges, and learning  Asia: program being set up in collaboration with Asian Development Bank, a.o. India, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia  Africa: focus on advocacy events in southern Africa
  16. 16. Information and communicationtechnology – An enabler for inclusivebusiness solutions Displays best practice cases across industry sectors, and highlights opportunities for and barriers to achieving further scale Final output of WBCSD Technology Enablers Initiative (2011) Platform for companies from different industry sectors to explore opportunities for catalyzing inclusive business models leveraging ICT
  17. 17. Initiatives – 1 Platform for companies to launch development- related projects under WBCSD umbrella• Completed:  Mobility for Development initiative  Sustainable mobility solutions for rapidly growing cities in the developing world  Lessons and barriers to progress in 4 cities: Bangalore,Dar es Salaam, São Paulo, Shanghai
  18. 18. Initiatives – 2• Ongoing:  Access to Energy initiative Maximizing the business contribution to expanding access to clean, reliable & affordable energy Examines 3 key opportunity areas: o Innovative business models o Appropriate regulatory frameworks o Maximization of the impact of development and climate finance mechanisms  Provides business voice in the international dialogue on how to achieve universal energy access effectively and efficiently
  19. 19. Business solutions to enable energyaccess for all• Explores:  How public and development finance mechanisms can be specifically designed to leverage additional private investment  How partnerships and cross-sector approaches can accelerate the wide provision of access to energy  How business model innovation can be nurtured• Features 19 company case studies
  20. 20. Advocacy Platform aimed at accessing and influencing relevant international processes and initiatives• Global processes  Rio+20, focus on access to energy & poverty reduction  Sustainable Energy for All Campaign  Poverty Environment Partnership  Energy+ Partnership• Regional initiatives  Inter-American Development Bank – Opportunities for the Majority  Asian Development Bank – Energy for All Partnership  Energy Access Partnership
  21. 21. Communications Platform to profile leading edge business practices and contributions to development• Examples:  Article submissions to external publications (The Guardian, European Business Review, Africa Energy Yearbook, etc.)  WBCSD website – news stories, case studies, etc.  Monthly Business & Development e-newsletter – 18’000 subscribers to date  Inclusive Business blog
  22. 22. Engagement opportunities• Identify new inclusive business opportunities by joiningWBCSD’s activities in Latin America, Asia and Africa• Shape the Access to Energy agenda during the 2012International Year of Sustainable Energy for All• Advocate business inputs to international developmentprocesses and events, including Rio +20• Use WBCSD’s impact measurement tools and test the nationalmarket participation framework for dialogue with governments• Profile your company’s contributions to development throughWBCSD’s communications channels
  23. 23. Key messages• Business is a solution provider to critical development challenges.• Business is the major source of capital for developing countries.• The sustainable development of developing countries is a business opportunity.• Business cannot succeed in societies that fail.• Inclusive business equals a win-win for business and society.• The business contribution to enhance access to clean, reliable andaffordable energy can be scaled through partnerships that support business modelinnovation as well as the creation of enabling policy frameworks and financingmechanisms.• What gets measured gets done.• Business cannot solve poverty, but poverty will not be solved without business.
  24. 24. The detailed Action Plan for 2012 isavailable in the online members-only area program/development.aspx