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Dassault Systemes PLM Partners


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This presentation showcase DS PLM partners and explain how to buy those products with the online business marketplace:

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Dassault Systemes PLM Partners

  1. 1. DS Ecosystem Partnership programs 1/9/2009 Confidential Information
  2. 2. DS Ecosystem 3,500 Partners 160 + Software Partners 6,500+ CAA V5 Developers 6,000 Institutions 1,200,000 Students trained every year Confidential Information
  3. 3. Development Community Programs To develop, market and sell Commercial applications based on DS PLM Platform Expand process coverage of DS PLM solution portfolio by developing complementary portfolio of application to support customers business processes Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) To develop applications based on DS PLM platform for in-house usage Tailor PLM solutions to industrial companies specific processes needs, IP and knowledge protection. To provide sustainable, industry-focused PLM practices portfolio combining partner engineering skills on DS PLM IT systems portfolio to deploy PLM cover 11 target integrators, PLM industries. service Create industry-focused, best- providers and Customers practices offers to accelerate and consulting secure PLM deployments in defined firms business processes Confidential Information
  4. 4. A Global Development Partner Community EUROPE MIDWEST NORTH-EAST CHINA JAPAN WEST INDIA More than 165 Companies in multiple PLM domains 490+ CAAV5 products delivered on V5R19, All PLM Brands A 6500 + Developer community on DS PLM Platform Confidential Information
  5. 5. Want to buy DS Software Partners Apps ? or get more information, GOTO www. Confidential Information