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TEDxShanghai: New Online Commons


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Wikipedia and Twitter, supporting open many-to-many communications and participation, form a new online commons. This supports a deliberative adhocracy slicing through geographic, ethnic and economic classes. With this, journalism still has an important role, by guiding citizens towards wisdom at the top of the information pyramid.

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TEDxShanghai: New Online Commons

  1. 1. The Internet’s New Public Spaces Andrew Lih The Wikipedia Revolution 15 June 2009
  2. 2. Old Media One Many In person Publishing One Phone call Broadcasting Letter to editor Many Call-in show
  3. 3. Web 1.0 Media One Many Email, SMS Email blast One Instant message Web site, CMS Feedback form Chat room Many Comments Mailing list
  4. 4. Web 2.0 Media One Many Facebook One LinkedIn Blogging (Discovery) Blog Many comments Wikipedia
  5. 5. Twitter One Many Direct One message µ blogging Many @username #hashtag
  6. 6. Commons One Many One Wikipedia (Knowledge commons) Twitter Many (Information commons)
  7. 7. Metaphors: Wikipedia Community names: village pump, forum, esplanade
  8. 8. Commons properties Open and accessible Navigable Human-oriented Safe Adaptable
  9. 9. Wikipedia and Twitter Community driven norms Situated (custom) software Fast adaptation Low participation barrier Public spaces/zeitgeist
  10. 10. Distinction “Free culture” and Creative Commons vs. Communications commons creating public spaces
  11. 11. Lessig “weirdly totalitarian” communications of the 20th century yields to “read/write”
  12. 12. M2M Information Pyramid ? wisdom Wikipedia knowledge / collaboration Twitter Information / messaging P2P, BitTorrent data / transmission
  13. 13. News industry Journalism not doomed Guiding the public to wisdom Fortune at the top of the pyramid?
  14. 14. A new digital commons has emerged as a global public space for discourse and deliberation, fulfilling a journalistic need
  15. 15. The old monolithic media giants will go away for good A modern and diverse news landscape will be re-constituted in these public spaces
  16. 16. Approach Democracy x Socialism x Deliberative adhocracy √
  17. 17. For China, a technology first adopted for entertainment, can be a deliberative space designed for social justice