Learning object for Nouns


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Learning object for Nouns

  1. 1. Types ofNounsDenolo and Lee
  2. 2. Subject: EnglishTopic: Types of NounsLearners: Ages 9 (Grade 3)Prerequisite: Students must be able todefine what a noun is.
  3. 3. ObjectivesBy the end of this learning object, thestudents must confidently differentiatethe types of nouns namely: Common orProper, Abstract or Concrete, Mass orCount
  4. 4. Definition of TermsNouns- words that name a person, place, animal,thing or event.
  5. 5. NOUNS
  6. 6. Common and Proper nounsCommon Nouns-names any type ofnoun I LIKE ICE CREAM! Its soex.) yummy! Ice Cream is a common noun. :)
  7. 7. Common and Proper nouns (cont.)Proper Nouns-names a specific person, place or thing.ex.) "I DONT LIKE PEACH MANGO PIE, YAYA!"
  8. 8. Abstract and Concrete NounsAbstract nouns-Abstract nouns are nouns that you cannotsee, hear, feel, touch, smell or taste.ex.) love, peace, happiness, etc. "I wanna know what LOVE is, I want you to show me..."
  9. 9. Abstract and Concrete NounsConcrete Nouns- nouns that you can touch, see, hear, feel,smell or taste.ex.) "Teacher Reg, I want a teddy bear!" :)
  10. 10. Mass nouns and Count NounsMass Noun-nouns that we cannot count. They have noplural form. Can I count sand? Oh,ex.) Sand, hair, right. Its amilk, rice, powder, mass noun, I cant :(etc.
  11. 11. Count NounsCount Nouns- are nouns that we can count. They can besingular or plural.ex.) one marble, three blind mice, twopieces of bread, four girls Lola has five fingers on one hand. Shes just like me :)
  12. 12. TEST YOURSELF! :D Identify the type of noun underlined in the sentence. The dog is playing tag with his owner. a) common b) proper c) none of the above
  13. 13. BRILLIANT!
  14. 14. TRY AGAINGO GO GO! :D
  15. 15. TEST YOURSELF :DWhich noun does not fit the category of both Proper and Concrete nouns? a) Fudgee Bar b) Mongol Pencil c) White Hair
  16. 16. AMAZING! ;)
  18. 18. TEST YOURSELF! :D Choose the answer which follows the pattern of Proper, Common, Abstract, Concrete, Mass and Count.a) Regine, Love, Girl, Three Books, Rice, Phoneb) Mea, Happiness, Laptop, Dog, Hair, Five Donutsc) Mara, Food, Music, T-Shirt, Juice, One Friend
  19. 19. FANTASTIC! XD
  21. 21. Nouns are everywhere! Thats why it is important to know how to know its different types. It is one of the most basic parts of speech yet an essentialelement of grammar because it is usually the subject.
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  23. 23. Thank you :)