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The Methodology of First Year Seminars


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This slide addresses the issue of first year seminars. It gives an idea about the rationale, steps and implications of first year seminars.

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The Methodology of First Year Seminars

  1. 1. Rationale behind FYS teaching methodology Steps in teaching FYS Techniques for teaching FYS Implications
  2. 2.  Uneven academic preparation  Different expectations and motivations for learning  Various learning styles  Different stages of intellectual development 1
  3. 3. 1. Defining objectives clearly 2. Starting with an introduction 3. Highlighting the major points 4. Selecting appropriate examples 5. Checking and guiding note taking 6. Checking understanding 7. Assessing learning and requesting feedback 2
  4. 4. Small group discussion Benefits: Ensures participation Encourages deep processing Reduces the feeling of isolation Writing-to-learn activities Benefits: Get the class started Check comprehension Prompt deep processing 3
  5. 5. Case studies & scenarios Benefits: Encourage critical thinking Enhance motivation Prompt empathy and involvement Problem-based learning Benefits: Encourage collaborative work Gives a sense of achievement Justifies the utility of the discipline Promotes learning by discovery 4
  6. 6.  Expect differences and prepare for them. Focus on the learner Employ a variety of techniques Make the learners informed Make the teaching methodology consistent with the assessment procedure. 5
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