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1.3 tools and-repl


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1.3 tools and-repl

  1. 1. REPL, IDE and setup
  2. 2. REPL - Read eval print loopCommand line shell for on-the-fly execution of Scala statementsbin/scalamvn scala:console (not on Windows)
  3. 3. IDEThey are all !#$&§? compared to what you are used to with Java support Netbeans (very good) but bad in other areas... IDEA (pretty good) but slow compilation, bonus community edition is free (with Scala) Eclipse (not all that good) but very fast when working
  4. 4. Tasks (20 min)Run REPL Make the two classes scalaexamples/intro/HelloWorld.scala print Windows: “Hello world”. What is the difference? <<scala_home>>/bin/scala Remove comments from @Test for the Others: mvn scala:console (from methods in scalaexamples/intro) scalaexamples/intro/CreateStuffTest.scala. Execute a few statements Make tests pass.Run unit test in IDE (JUnit 4) Open the intro project scalaexamples.intro.MyFirstTest Create a failing test Make it run