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Future Of Portable Power For Distribution


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Future Of Portable Power For Distribution

  1. 1. iPOWER the Future of Portable Power
  2. 2. Proliferation of Portable Products Access Information Be Stronger On the Go We want to empower ME Be More Survive Longer Entertained Move About Faster
  3. 3. Powering Portability is the development of Battery Technologies Primary Batteries Secondary Batteries Electrochemical reaction Rechargable Batteries that That supply power to devices Store and supply power to devices Primary Energy Secondary Application Application Generator Battery Battery Phenomenal Growth
  4. 4. Key Secondary Battery Technologies Strengths of Li Ion Highest Energy Density (High power, low weight) Low self-discharge rate Little memory effect (Hence should never Be fully discharged nor Overcharged) Relative low toxicity Source :
  5. 5. Drivers for Intensified Green Car Movement Way Forward Internal Plug-in Electric Combustion Hybrid Cars Hybrid Vehicles Engines (ICE) (PHEV) (EV) Fuel the car’s movement Battery to Power auxiliaries Battery (KWH) Current EV 50.0 Increased PHEV60 26.4 Environmental PHEV40 20.8 PHEV20 12.7 Awareness HEV 1.5 Runaway Source : Oil Price
  6. 6. Growth of Hybrid Cars - Indication of Massive Interest Hybrid Car Sales in USA 2007 Hybrid Car Sales in USA Source : Electric Drive Transportation Association Ford 350000 Others 4% Honda 1% 11% 300000 Lexus Rapid Growth 250000 5% Nissan 200000 2% 150000 100000 50000 0 Toyota 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 77% Toyota Prius Sales Top 1 Million 15 May 2008 ( Toyota Prius started out a decade ago as a risky experiment in green technology. Today, it's the world's first mass-produced gas-electric hybrid vehicle to hit the one million mark in sales.
  7. 7. Carbon Positioning of Leading OEMs Success in a carbon-constrained market will require moving into the top-right quadrant $0 Low cost Honda Good, PSA Renault “Cheap” $100 & Green meet new carbon constraints Estimated cost per vehicle to Nissan Toyota $200 VW $300 GM $400 Ford DaimlerChrysler $500 $600 BMW High cost $700 40 50 60 70 80 90 Not so strong Capacity score on low-carbon technologies Have technologies – Global Competitiveness in Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Vehicles Feb 2005World Resource Institute
  8. 8. Do we have reason to celebrate? The Key Components to a Typical Green Car
  9. 9. Do we have reason to celebrate? Still Very Big “The Volt's 300-pound “The car's 900-pound battery pack will be among battery…includes its most-expensive 6,831 lithium-ion cells, components…may cost each about the size of about $10,000… a double-A alkaline.” - For Tesla’s Electric Vehicle show the batteries will last 10 years.” - For GM’s Hybrid Car Under the hood is an electric motor powered by a 700-pound ??? lithium-ion battery. - For Miles XS500 EV Energy Density will set to improve
  10. 10. Do we have reason to celebrate? Still Pricey Miles Rubin .. won't say how much it Tesla uses 6,871 costs his company to make each lithium ion cells Miles XS500, but experts peg the batteries. Total cost of the batteries at $25,000 cost (wholesale) is ( around $20,000. New electric car is environmentally friendly, but pricey (CNN) GM Volt Cost Estimate Up The EV1 will sell April 07, 2008 for about $43,000 The Volt came with a $30,000 (2007 dollars), price tag when GM unveiled it excluding the large at the North American battery charger International Auto Show last needed… year. At this year's show, Lutz told us it could hit $40,000. Now Cost will set to come down he's saying it could hit $48,000…
  11. 11. Do we have reason to celebrate? Still not Green now Most Car Emission (Tailgate CO2 g/km) Least Conventional CNG Cars Hybrid Cars PHEV 100% Electric Cars Honda Civic Honda Civic Hybrid* Cars GX* Toyota Prius * Comparison using Honda UK data Battery (KWH) EV 50.0 PHEV60 26.4 PHEV40 20.8 PHEV20 12.7 HEV 1.5 Source : & Tesla Reliance on Petroleum will set to come down
  12. 12. The Tesla Roadster, the world's first all electric car, runs on lithium ion batteries. 2008 Tesla Roadster : -100% Electric -0 to 60 mph in 3.9 sec -Top speed : 125 mph -220 miles per charge -US$100K -53KWH Battery -3.5 hours charging (US) -100K miles battery life Source : Holy Grail of Green Car Movement
  13. 13. The Age of Electric Cars Tesla to build new electric sedan in Bay Area 30 June 2008, San Francisco Chronicles Tesla Motors, the maker of electric-powered roadsters, announced today that it has chosen the Bay Area to build a manufacturing plant for its new model, an electric sedan that is expected to go into production in two years. But the firm instead chose California because it offered a pair of its own financial incentives: a sales tax exemption on the purchase of manufacturing equipment and grants for training its new employees, state officials said. 1000 customers - many of whom have put down $100,000 - are still waiting for their Tesla Roadsters Matt Damon George Clooney Arnold S Larry Page Sergey Brin Michael Dell Jay Adelson Dean Kamen
  14. 14. Most Car Manufacturers Getting into the Game
  15. 15. Flurry of Partnerships between Car Makers & Battery Leaders Toyota to make Plug-in Hybrid by 2010 11 June 2008 ( A joint venture between Toyota and Panasonic EV Energy plans to begin production of lithium ion batteries next year and move to full-scale production in 2010. Using the battery, Toyota plans to introduce a small electric vehicle for mass production. Sanyo to Mass-produce Li-ion Batteries for Plug-in Hybrids in 2011 May 30, 2008 (Nikkei Electronics) Sanyo Electric Co Ltd announced May 28, 2008, that it started the development of Li-ion rechargeable batteries for use in plug-in hybrids and is planning to begin mass-production in 2011. Japan: Investing in Batteries May 20, 2008 (Reuters) The Nissan Motor Company and the NEC Corporation plan a joint venture that would invest 12 billion yen ($115 million) over three years to manufacture lithium-ion batteries for use in next-generation green vehicles.
  16. 16. More Green Vehicle News Hyundai Readying Korea's Mitsubishi Motors May First Hybrid Introduce Plug-in Hybrid Cars 16 June 2008 ( 19 June 2008 (Bloomberg) Amid record-high oil prices, every Mitsubishi Corp, aiming to be the first automaker wants to be the first to mass-producer of all-electric cars, plans assemble a commercially feasible to introduce plug-in hybrids as early as electric vehicle. Authorities in Seoul 2013 to meet tightening vehicle- took a step toward that goal Monday, emission regulations worldwide saying that the first South Korean hybrid electric car, developed by Hyundai Motor, will be sold in the country next year. An industry charged up: LG to Supply Lithium-Ion Electric vehicles are poised to go Batteries for Hyundai’s Hybrid mainstream - 26 May 2008 ( Car 17 December, 2007 The vanguard of a green automotive revolution will roll out LG is teaming up with Hyundai Motor to next spring on an unlikely set of wheels: a Mercedes produce hybrid cars. LG Chem, South luxury sedan. The marque’s S400 BlueHybrid will be the Korea’s largest chemical company, said first mass-produced vehicle equipped with a lithium-ion Saturday that it has won an order to battery, like the ones in laptops or mobile phones – but exclusively supply rechargeable hybrid car powerful enough to help propel a large luxury car. batteries to Hyundai Motor and its affiliate Kia Motors.
  17. 17. Formula for Success Source :
  18. 18. What next? Higher Energy Density Applications Electric Planes Heading skyward to beat gridlock 7 May 2008 BBC News Boeing's research group is designing a hybrid aimed at travelling up to 300 miles at a time. quot;When your 100 miles per gallon car is stuck in traffic and a 100 mpg airplane whizzes overhead, you're going to be jealous.“ Brien Seeley, President of CAFE Foundation a non profit organisation that promotes personal air travel
  19. 19. Powering Exoskeletons Exoskeletons for the Soldiers of the Future Exoskeleton test pilot Rex Jameson Science Editor greets XOS maker Steve Jacobsen The technology could also lead to the development of improved artificial limbs Power Cable Still Attached Building the Real Iron Man 9 April 2008 “The Exoskeleton's development has been While audiences flood theaters this month to see the comic- hampered by various issues, like how to book-inspired Iron Man, a real-life mad genius toils in a secret develop a device that does not impede the mountain lab to make the mechanical superhuman more than user's normal walk and which runs on a just a fantasy with the XOS Exoskeleton small battery-powered pack, not fuel.”
  20. 20. Not just the large, but also the smaller Bio-Applications Miniaturisation - Powering New Nano Applications Miniature battery makes a big difference Sandia researchers to model nano- A new miniature battery is powering size battery to be implanted in eye to tiny, implantable devices that could power artificial retina help millions who suffer from a variety 12 Jan 2006 News Release of neurological disorders, such as Several researchers from Sandia National urinary-urge incontinence and stroke. Laboratories, led by principal investigator Susan Rempe, are part of a multi-institutional, multidisciplinary team developing a nano-size battery that one day could be implanted in the eye to power Bion for Muscular Dystrophy sufferers an artificial retina. quot;There is a growing interest to replace conventional batteries with thin-film batteries in applications such as RFID tags, sensors, smart cards and labels, as well as portable devices. In the medical sector, thin-film batteries could be used for powering diagnostic devices, medical sensors and medical implants.quot; - Frost & Sullivan Technical Insights Research Analyst Elaine Chan.
  21. 21. Green Car is driving the development of Secondary Batteries Are We Too Late in the game for Portable Power?
  22. 22. Value Chain For Lithium Secondary Batteries Chile’s Salar de Atacama Research & Lithium Trading & Batteries Transport Development Transport Export to be packed or Materials Lithium Carbonate loaded onto applications Optimisation Applications Lithium Production Batteries Extraction from Salt Manufacturing Lakes brine to produce Most value Lithium Carbonate that we can capture laptop . medical device . hybrid car . handphone . electronic dog . psp . ipod . electric bicycle . implants . gameboy
  23. 23. We can also catch the wave via EVs (EVs & PHEVs) Capitalise on our geographical location within the Asia and Our unique traits to be the leader for Green Car Movement • One of the highest cars per capital ratio in this region • High turnover rate for cars • Highest cost of cars in the world • Strong Government commitment to green • Green conscious population • Strong R&D sector • Small country • Good base of electronics industry Trading? Primary Research? Testbedding? Innovation? HQ Services? Logistics? Manufacturing?
  24. 24. More EV & PHEV Infrastructure Set Up Plug & Play GM allies with U.S. utility group The city of San Jose, Calif., will be the on electric cars Jul 23, 2008 Reuters first to test electric-car charging stations LA - General Motors Corp said it is collaborating from start-up Coulomb Technologies with the Electric Power Research Institute, an organization representing U.S. utilities, to ready the nation's electric infrastructure for the widespread sale of plug-in electric cars. quot;The filling stations of the future,quot; PGE reveals electric charging stations July 29, 2008 Portland General Electric unveiled the first of a dozen new electric charging stations for what it expects will be a future onslaught of plug-in hybrid autos.
  25. 25. A Few Years Down the Road Imagine : Half of Singapore Car Population being EVs Can this also contribute to national energy optimisation?
  26. 26. EV Batteries as regulator of Power Grid The Concept of When the car batteries needs power, electricity can be drawn from grid to charge the battery. Vehicle to Grid • Most vehicles are parked an average of 95 percent of the time 10-50 KWH/car • Capacity of Electric Car Battery 50 KWH – enough capacity to power 3 Spore households daily needs (based on 06/07 ave household monthly use of 500KWH) Excess power can also be sold to the electrical A123 Systems plugs lithium-ion batteries power grid by an electric-drive motor vehicle into power grid June 24, 2008 ( A123 Systems has signed on electricity utilities to use its lithium-ion batteries for short-term energy storage, according to Power to the People: Run Your House on a Prius a company executive. September 2, 2007 , NYTimes Utilities need power for short periods of time--it could be as This form of vehicle-to-grid technology, often called V2G, … short as several seconds--to ensure that the power supply in which fleets of cars, recharged at night when demand is lower, can relieve the grid and help avert serious blackouts. matches the demand.
  27. 27. V2G Trials PG&E teams with GOOGLE to demonstrate Solar Power Plug Vehicle-to-Grid Technology at the company’s Mountain View Campus 19 June 2007 Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has teamed with Google to demonstrate Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology at the search leader's Mountain View campus as part of the company's philanthropic initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Google's Sergey Brin plugs in the car to start the V2G demonstration Plug Into Car To date, PG&E has interconnected more than 16,000 solar customers who generate more than 100 MWs of solar energy A123Systems CEO David Vieau with a plug fed by rooftop solar for one of the RechargeIT cars