Social Media: Success Factors


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It's easy to rush into Social Media but it's important to get the strategic thinking right

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Social Media: Success Factors

  1. 1. Social Media10 Insights on how to get it right
  2. 2. GrowthStories Bringing you a flavour of business growth just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. definition “Web-based technologies which turn one to onecommunication into a many to many dialogue” (Chris Middleton)
  4. 4. not fast enough Consumers have their own definition For example, e-mails are NOT social mediaThey are not social enough, not immediate enough(!) and perhaps not new enough But instant messaging is considered as social media
  5. 5. on the move Habits form easilyMobile is for a quick review of whatothers have posted, clicking, liking, checking in, occasionally tweeting or uploading a photo The desk top is for consideredreponses, longer posts, and heavier applications (Youtube)
  6. 6. exponential Apps Apple just sold 25 billion apps 4 for every person on the planet: thats a lot of angry birds
  7. 7. winner takes all
  8. 8. everywhere expectation Brands might not have developed the optimal response to social media, but, today, any response is better than none The consumer expectation is that you will use social media and brands that dont are dead or dying
  9. 9. success stories According to Mashable, the following Brands use Facebook well - Coca Cola 40 million likes; encourages participation - Red Bull; 27 million likes; dynamic lifestyle links - Pringles : 19 million likes; excellent use of video Others include Adidas (great competitions) and Starbucks (continual updates)
  10. 10. dont99%So your Brand has lots of likers. But how many interact in true social media fashion?According to the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, as few as 1.3% brand likers then post a reply to a Facebook page (quoted from David Taylors thebrandgymblog)
  11. 11. beware the hype "The notion that consumers want to take time out oftheir busy lives to watch content or even co-create it is amyth. Nobody ever wanted to do any of this. People only think of your brand once - when they buy it."(Source: Ben Hammersley, Wired UK. Quoted in David Taylors thebrandgymblog)
  12. 12. think broadlySocial Media maybe the answer, but the question needs to be broader; its about marketing in a digital age Think games, competitions, devices, QR-codes, twitterbased customer service, online delivery services..and so much more
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