Plans for Asia: Strategies for Growth


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So many companies are looking to Asia for their 'rising stars'. But growth strategies and the scale of ambition varies enormously.

Find out who is doing what - and with how much success in this short presentation.

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Plans for Asia: Strategies for Growth

  1. 1. Plans for Asia: 10 Strategiesfor moving East
  2. 2. Asia 5 Bringing you a flavour of business trends in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. electric VW sold 2.26 million vehicles in China in 2011, up 18% It is the automotive market leader The Group will invest €14 billion over 4 years - a record amount - in forward-looking projects in ChinaTop of their agenda: investments in environmentally friendly models and expanding production facilities
  4. 4. returning M&C Saatchi closed their Singapore offices after 13 years due to the crash in 2008 Rumours of hiring suggest a move back in 2012 The company has Asian offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Mumbai and New Delhi
  5. 5. Owner of KFC and Pizza Hut, Yum Brands launched a record 656 new restaurants in China in 2011 Meanwhile, like-for-like sales improved 21% The fast food chain plans 600 openings in 2012 yummy
  6. 6. top talent China will become the second largest advertising market in 2012, outpacing Japan (source IPG) Recognising this, McCannWorldgroup has appointed Jesse Lin as CEO, Greater China and Tomaz Mok as Chairman This, McCann says, furtherdemonstrates their commitmentto China - combining leadership, strategic innovation and creative ambition
  7. 7. instruments Investor demand for emerging markets currencies, derivatives and stocks is focusing financial minds For example, the Asian FX derivatives business isexpanding rapidly, driven by increased participation from financial institutions and hedge funds BarCap and Deutsche Bank launched offers in 2011 and new instruments will launch in 2012 and beyond
  8. 8. raising capital LVMHs private equity arm, TL Capital Asia, plans to raise $1 billion this year Their fund will invest in Chinese retailers facing competition from Western brands
  9. 9. plant Michelin are building a truck & earthmover tire plantin Chennai, India & a passenger car & truck tire plant in Shenyang, China. Together with a new plant in Brazil this will significantly boost global capacity Total investment costs are €2.75 billion& all three plants are scheduled for production in 2012
  10. 10. roll out Australia-based ANZ Banks wants to become a “super regional” bank in Asia-Pacific It aims to achieve 25%-30% of its group income from the region by 2017 through: a) organic expansion (eg. it has a 3 step expansion plan for India over the next 4 years) b) through aggressive acquisition (e.g. it acquired RBSs Asian Banking in 2009)
  11. 11. universal University College London now calls itself Londons Global UniversityIts strategy is to commit to excellence, innovation, and the promotion of global understanding It now has Pro-Provosts based in China and SE Asia, has set up a partnership with Peking University and has roadshow UCL visits to Kuala Lumpur, HK etc.
  12. 12. jilted After an investment of $18.5 million, Meetic have dumped ChinaHaving launched in 2006,the relationship was too costly Their ambition to be a truly global brandis now seriously screwed!
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