Making change happen


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Ideas for linchpins who want to change the business world. Innovation is good - but it's not enough. People and companies are stuck. Unsticking them and becoming adaptive is crucial to success. Your success.

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Making change happen

  1. 1. Making Change Happen
  2. 2. Ideas for linchpins who want to change the world
  3. 3. Most people are stuck
  4. 4. OLD BRAIN ...In their old beliefs & numb mindsets
  5. 5. So, they are right, others are wrong
  6. 6. There is nothing more they need to learn
  7. 7. It really is OK to be negative about everything & everyone
  8. 8. ...And the future won't happen if they ignore it...
  9. 9. NOW, here's the punchline...
  10. 10. Companies are full of stuck people
  11. 11. So, most businesses are also stuck
  12. 12. ...Meaning companies fear change too
  13. 13. ...This is often fatal
  14. 14. But how to become unstuck?
  15. 15. How about: creating the future through innovation?
  16. 16. Yes! But not all companies are lead by Steve Jobs
  17. 17. And not every culture is Apple
  18. 18. In any case, the future is not just about creativity
  19. 19. ...It is also about adaptability
  20. 20. So what else can you be doing to make change happen?
  21. 21. As it happens, quite a lot
  22. 22. Here are 5 routes to make change happen
  23. 23. #1: Map the future “People don't actually fear change, they fear surprise” The future should be a comfortable, known place
  24. 24. #2: Unstick people “Young Brains are open to change & have no fear” Help people rejuvenate their mindsets & de-risk change
  25. 25. #3: Share symbols of change “When something is familiar & shared, it becomes accepted” Nudge people to believe in tomorrow by delivering it today
  26. 26. #4: Spread technology “For people, tools change attitudes & behaviours” Put people at the cutting edge of tech & sense their pride
  27. 27. #5: Launch 'wow' products “Product launches give people new stories & bragging rights” Energise around new product & service launches; your world is moving!
  28. 28. Roadmap for change STUCK* ROUTES ADAPTIVE* Future blind Map the future Foresight rich Old Brained Unstick people Young Brained Today focused Share change symbols Future facing Low tech Spread technology High tech No pipeline Launch 'wow' products Hot pipeline * Companies, brands, teams, individuals
  29. 29. NOW, go ahead... change the world!
  30. 30. Chris Middleton mail: web: blog: