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Fame Asia


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A picture of 10 Asian stars and their marketing prowess!

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Fame Asia

  1. 1. Fame Asia: 10 Stars & their marketing appeal
  2. 2. Asia 5 Bringing you a flavour of business trends in just 5 minutes A Futures Coaching initiative
  3. 3. rise of celebrityculture Mass media Internet Social media Globalisation Aspirational quest Desire to dream Rewarding success ......... Just a few of the drivers In Korea, a lucky pigs head will alsoof celebrity culture in Asia speed would-be celebrities on their way
  4. 4. Celebrity endorsement Gong Li is an outstanding Chinese film actress with over 30 films to her name. Her first big endorsement contract was for LOréal in 1996
  5. 5. hows that?Sachin Tendulkar helped India to World Cup victory in 2011. With multi-million dollar contracts for WorldTel and Iconix, he is the richest cricketer in the World
  6. 6. artist asbusinessperson Korean-born Bi Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) is a singing, modelling, acting & dancing sensation In 2010 he was named Best Ambassador for Asia His company manages K-pop groups and in Dec 2011 raised $7.4Mn for further growth
  7. 7. reaching higher Yao Mings Apple ad gl=FR&hl=fr&v=Xvbuwfawqcc Standing at 2.29m (7ft 6ins), Yao Ming is the tallest and one of the best players in the NBAHe has been the richest celebrity in China for the last 5 years
  8. 8. higher stillTriple gold medallist for gymnastics, Li-Ning is so popular in China that he carried the Olympic flame in 2008 In 1990, he founded Li-Ning (sports) Company which today counts over 8,000 branded sports stores
  9. 9. marketing guruWith a fan following numbering over abillion, Indias richest Bollywood actorin 2011 was Shah Rukh KhanThe King of Bollywood endorses34 brandsCOO of Dish TV stated: “what impressedme most was his knowledge of consumerbehaviour and marketing”He owns two production houses, acricket team and a motor racingfranchise
  10. 10. fame & responsibilityChinese artist Ai Weiwei was detained for 81 days in 2011 for investigating abuses of power Runner up in Time magazines Person of the Year, 2011 Weiwei is top of ArtReviews 2011 list of most powerful contemporary artists
  11. 11. glamour for the stars Filipino society figure, Monique Lhuilliers fame is growingShe has designed wedding dresses and red carpet gowns for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow
  12. 12. total involvementJay Chou is a Taiwanese-born mega-star who has won the World MusicAward four timesWhat sets him apart is not the list ofbrands he works for (Pepsi, Motorola,Panasonic etc) but his commitmentHe has written songs for ads, directedcommericals, and designed his ownlaptop product for ASUS
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