For a healthy 2012, think "simple"


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For marketers looking to help consumers follow through on their New Year's resolutions, the first and most important step is to make product offerings as simple, easy and seamlessly integrated into people's lifestyles as possible.

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  • Agree strongly with your comment re Fitbit and others which help people make small, realistic and sustainable changes to their daily lifestyle - both diet and activity. They are still expensive though. Fitbug - the original activity tracker - is now available at $49.99 including two years premium coaching support, a fraction of the price of Fitbit.
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For a healthy 2012, think "simple"

  1. 1. Brett Denuo January 03, 2012For a healthy 2012, think “simple”Simplicity as the key to “sticky” health solutionsThe Bottom Line For marketers looking to help consumers follow through on their New Year’s resolutions, the first and most important step is to make product offerings as simple, easy and seamlessly integrated into people’s lifestyles as possible.At the Root For consumers, the right Other priorities often take Willpower can be difficult to decision is often difficult precedence over health sustain 71% agree, Companies should make it 47% of consumers agree, I think When asked what is preventing them easier for me to do the right thing, like health is important, but other things from leading a healthier lifestyle, 59% of being more environmentally friendly, often take priority in my life. 2 consumers said they don t have the eating right, etc. 1 willpower to change their habits. 3Telling the Story It’s that time of year again: People everywhere are stepping on their scales, looking in the mirror and saying to themselves, “This is the year I lose those 10 extra pounds.” In fact, a recent study by Allianz Insurance indicates that health and wellness is Americans’ top area of focus for 2012, beating out issues such as financial stability, employment, education and leisure. If past is prologue, though, this New Years’ enthusiasm will soon fade (see the unmistakable pattern in these Google Trends results for “calories,” “weight loss” and “gym membership”). And many of the same people resolving to shed the extra weight today will likely be making the same proclamations this time next year. Simplicity is one of the three guiding While the reasons for this annual ritual are diverse and complex, one important principles The Futures Company outlines for factor contributing to it is that consumers don’t experience getting healthy as an easy sustaining a healthy lifestyle in "How to Sell Healthy," our 2011 Health & Wellness report. Subscribers can download it in full at The Futures Gateway.
  2. 2. or simple process; it remains much more complicated and taxing to ride a bicycle to "I want it quick and easy"work or grab a quick, convenient, yet healthy bite to eat than the alternative. And, as “If it’s not part of my everydaylong as that’s the case, making good progress on the road to health will remain an activity [I won’t stick with it].elusive goal for consumers. When I’m preparing food for the kids, I’m not looking at labels forOne way to make the healthy choice a simpler one is through an unlikely ally: sugar or salt. I don’t want to have to worrytechnology. While many people think of technology as a hindrance to health—after about how to prepare certain foods. I want itall, few calories are shed surfing the net—companies such as Fitbit, Autom and quick and easy.” 4Sessions are seamlessly integrating into consumers’ lives and encouraging them to – Danielle, 39eat less and exercise more. These inventive companies and those like them areshowing consumers that leading a healthy, sustainable lifestyle need not be sodifficult. Products and services that eliminate the roadblocks—be they effort, cost, ortime— to healthy decisions are far more likely to “win” with consumers in the future.Taking Action for Growth Clear away the extra steps Meet people where they already Simplify through technology are Instead of forcing consumers to go out Help ease the cognitive load of Consider conducting a “hassle audit” of of their way to be healthy, take consumers by integrating technology your current product or service and clear inspiration from the unlikeliest of into the equation. Anything that requires away any roadblocks to a simple, less sources, the Washington, D.C. great cognitive energy to implement— stressful experience Department of Motor Vehicles, which such as keeping track of a large amount offers free HIV testing to visitors. of information—will likely be abandoned in short order. Want to learn how to apply the simplicity-balance-control framework for your category or brand? Ask your MONITOR consultant or email us for more information.
  3. 3. A Framework for the Future1 Source: 2009 Yankelovich MONITOR2 Source: 2011/2012 Health & Wellness MONITOR3 Source: 2011/2012 Health & Wellness MONITOR4 Source: 2011/2012 Health & Wellness MONITOR report. © 2011 by The Futures Company