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Creating the Ayurvedic Medi Spa Experience


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A quick overview that outlines the experience aspects of an Ayurvedic MediSpa.

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Creating the Ayurvedic Medi Spa Experience

  1. 1. Creating the Ayurvedic Medi Spa Experience Namrata Rana The Customer Experience Company
  2. 2. CREATING A MEDI SPA EXPERIENCE Positive Stress free Sensitive Unhurried Caring Relaxing Calm Soothing Comfortable Helpful Rejuvenating Understanding Educational Balanced Innovative Smooth Effective Efficient Well-informed
  3. 3. CREATE THE CUSTOMER + SERVICES MAP Customer Solutions for Family Building Relationships In City When Traveling Web Events Social Media 1 Problem Solving Family At facility Proactive Wellness At home / Office
  4. 4. CREATE THE SOLUTION MAP Before you start designing the experience make sure that the customer solutions are in place. There can be a vast range of solutions but it is always better to be focused and design the experience with a core audience in mind. Ailments Shoulders Cervical Knees Customer Needs Women Men Children Packages Sports injury Healthy back Arthritis Indicative Service Design + Price Structure
  5. 5. 1. Abhyangam 2. Dinacharya – Dantadhavana, Core Treatments Anjanam, Nasyam, Gandousha, Dhoomapanam, Snana 3. Abhyangam with Nasyam 4. Abhyangam with Thalam 5. Yoga 6. Abhyangam with Pichu 7. Abhyangam with Navarakizhi One can begin with a core set of service offerings such as these traditional Ayurvedic Treatments.
  6. 6. Then packages can be designed keeping customer ailments / cures in mind. Packages are usually curative with spa type feel good experiences thrown in. The fundamental premise being that the Medi Spa provides holistic healing for Mind + Body + Soul 1. Healthy heart 2. Healthy back 3. Arthritis 4. Skin remedies 5. Sports injury packages 6. Cervical Packages Mind + Body + Soul
  7. 7. CURE + EXPERIENCE Focus on the curative + experiential aspects equally. The Medi Spa competes both with Medical Service Providers and Spa Services. Doctors support all Medi Spa services. The difficulty lies in creating a menu of service that is synergistic with the doctor’s way of thinking, yet still a marketable product. It is wise to present thorough research and sound medical proof of Spa services so that the Doctor can recommend and support the menu without compromising his/her integrity. A creative treatment menu can be both luxurious and medically sound. This will also greatly impact equipment purchase / products used and medicine supplies.
  8. 8. 2 CREATE THE WELLNESS CYCLE Medical Spa is a comprehensive approach to caring for the client before, during and after these procedures take place. The Wellness cycle is a comprehensive service cycle for your customers.
  9. 9. Therapies - Types - Oils - Technology Medical Treatment - Medicines - Home remedies Diet - Customized Plans - Lifestyle change Fitness - Exercises - Yoga You Know your Body • Consultation • Score Cards • Prakriti • Personal Health Treatment •Therapy • Medicines • Doctor Monitoring Diet Chart Fitness Chart Do’s & Don'ts Lifestyle Changes Lifestyle Change Relaxation Follow up Consults THE WELLNESS CYCLE
  10. 10. EXPERIENCE ELEMENTS Consultation Therapies Medicine Sensory Experience See Hear Touch Feel Smell
  11. 11. BE SURE THAT YOU CAN HELP THE CUSTOMER Always be sure that you can make a genuine difference to your customers. Its better to say ‘no’ rather than have a dissatisfied customer. A detailed wellness cycle can play a crucial role in customer diagnosis and the right treatment.
  13. 13. LIST THE INTERACTIONS 1. Seek Information a. Walk in b. Phone c. Email 2. Revisits a Doctor Consult b. Post Seeking Info c. With Appointment d. Without Appointment 3. Doctor Consult a First Consult b. Follow-up Consult 4. Package / Proposal a. Need basis b. Special Offers c. Memberships 5. Treatment Appointment a. One time b. Rejuvenate Series c. Change Timings 6. Treatment - Example Massage a. Pre – Massage b. During – Massage c. Post – Massage 7. Medication a. Healthcare b. Personal Care
  15. 15. DETAILING IS CRITICAL Attention to detail in designing will enhance the experience. But always keep relevance in mind.
  17. 17. The Experience The experience design can cover the following aspects 1. Access Phone, Website, Email, Social Media Signage's, Accessibility, Parking, Entrance Area 2. Infrastructure + Sustainability Hygiene, Infrastructure, Power Backup, Reception, Waiting Area, Treatment rooms Water recycling, energy efficiency, Green norms, Organic Products Maintenance checklists
  18. 18. 3. Doctor Consultation Appointment Doctor Room Customer Need The Solution Medication Exercise Guidance Personal Health Book Customer Profile Documents Customer FAQ’s 4. Therapy / Treatment Room Massage Masseur Appointment Room Managing Pain Benefits Package or one off benefits Customer Kit Post Session Offering 5. Bath Shower Area Wash Room / Toiletries Cleanliness & Hygiene Basic Amenities & Facilities Lighting Levels Towel Oil Clothes Water Management The Experience
  19. 19. 6. Medication Prescription Process of return External store Describing Usage Bags / Display / Packaging 8. Billing & Payments Cash, Credit Card, Installments Manual Billing Memberships The Experience 7. Staff Responsibilities, Grooming, Body Language Customer handling protocols / standards / Special situations Verbal / Written communication - Understanding customers, building trust, upselling / cross selling services Dos and Donts
  20. 20. THE EXPERIENCE IS NEVER FINAL A Medi Spa Experience constantly needs to be rejuvenated. Monitor. Retrain. Enhance.
  21. 21. 4 STEPS CREATING A MEDI SPA EXPERIENCE create the customer + services map map the interactions create the wellness cycle design the experience
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