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Cause Marketing, Social Media and the 21st Century Corporation


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Sustainability + CSR will drive the strategic context for business over the coming decade.

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Cause Marketing, Social Media and the 21st Century Corporation

  1. 1. Cause Marketing Social Media and the 21st century corporation Namrata Rana The Customer Experience Company
  2. 2. Link between Brand Management and CSR Some Definitions Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the practice of conducting business in a manner which links it to ethical values, compliance with legal requirements and most importantly, respect for people, communities and the environment. Cause Related Marketing (CRM) is about forging long-term and strategic partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations to market an image, product, service or cause for mutual benefit. “Cause Related Marketing adds another dimension. It provides the emotional as well as the rational engagement of the consumer with the brand. It provides a tangible demonstration of the company’s corporate social responsibility, its values and its ethics.” Sue Adkins, International expert on CRM, Business in the Community
  3. 3. Mass Communication Direct Marketing Community Branding Your Brand Customers Customers Customers Your Brand Customers Government Community Government Your Brand Financial Community Existing Customers Potential Customers Employees A New Age of Brand Building Today
  4. 4. A New Age of Brand Building Nonprofit Brand Consumer Increased brand recognition More sales Enhanced public relations Increased knowledge of cause More purchasing power Enhanced personal connection Increased public awareness More funding Enhanced reach
  5. 5. Awareness to Influence: The New Communications Model The Age of Deference The Age of Reference Leaders Elders Experts Celebrities Alternative Opinions Friends and Family The Man on the street Most trusted source Least trusted source The Man on the street Friends and Family Alternative Opinions Celebrities Experts Elders Leaders
  6. 6. CSR and Brand Value… 86 percent of consumers said that they would have a more positive opinion of a company that is doing something to make the world a better place, regardless of the cause or issue concerned* There is a proven link between CRM, brand affinity, brand equity, actual consumer perception, loyalty and buying behaviour.**
  7. 7. The Cause Spectrum of Involvement Money raised and channeled to worthy causes Levels of involvement Giving Money
  8. 8. Joy of Giving – Joy of giving week Over 300 registered "giving events" across the country. More than 40 cities in India witness these events 1,000+ schools and 100+ colleges registered to participate a Millions of individuals engaged in "acts of giving“ a 200+ GiveIndia listed and 140+ other NGOs involved. A Several crores of rupees raised and channeled to worthy causes 2009
  9. 9. The Cause Spectrum of Involvement Levels of involvement One-off Event (Cause Promotion) Aircel will collect old and spare mobiles from people and distribute it among the elders in the old age homes with a free talk time for a period of one year.
  10. 10. Aircel – ‘Donate Phone’ for Old-Age People Aircel in collaboration with Delhi based Non-profitable organization, HelpAge India started this venture where Aircel will collect old and spare mobiles from people and distribute it among the elders in the old age homes with a free talk time for a period of one year. The drop boxes are located at various public places like malls, shopping complex, theaters etc.One can register for donation through SMS and Aircel website. A Several crores of rupees raised and channeled to worthy causes 2010
  11. 11. Airtel – Together good things happen The overall essence of the sponsoring marathon for Airtel is to suggest that “together, good things happen” and also to strengthen brand salience in its largest market . The brand also talks of “breaking barriers by testing your endurance with all its connotations of fitness and good health; the second is the coming together of people from different walks of life and nationalities; and the third is showcasing the characteristics of the city and its vibrant youth culture” with Airtel’s tag line “Barriers break when people talk”. 2010
  12. 12. Standard Chartered – Mumbai Marathon The Standard Chartered marathons - Encouraging people to reach out in aid of a cause or charity. A charity that you trust to use the pledges you raise in a transparent, accountable and effective way to make a difference to the lives of the underprivileged. Testing individual courage while bringing together and inspiring entire communities to lead healthier lifestyles. 2010
  13. 13. The Cause Spectrum of Involvement Levels of involvement Adopting a cause + BP Singapore has adopted World Vision (WV) International as their adopted cause actively encouraging staff to participate in WV’s activities and programmes every year. This includes sponsoring a child, doing overseas community work and donating gifts. In kind- BP leads, funds and supports staff on all WV programmes.
  14. 14. Lifebuoy – 'Lifebuoy Way of Life The Lifebuoy Swasthya Chetna programme was initiated in 2002 as a rural health and hygiene initiative in India. Swasthya Chetna, which means 'Health Awakening', is a multi-phased activity that works towards effecting hand washing behavior change in rural communities. Human Volunteer Study in Mumbai - Lifebuoy targeted children aged approximately 5 years old in Mumbai and their families. The focus was to measure the real benefits to those who adopt the 'Lifebuoy Way of Life'. 2010
  15. 15. The Cause Spectrum of Involvement Levels of involvement Defining & championing a unique cause Tata Tea’s started the “Jaago Re Campaign” It was a drive against corruption, apathy and cynicism towards political system. Idea cellular started the ‘what an idea sirji’ campaign to show mobile telephony and its benefits in a fresh, imaginative and elevating way
  16. 16. Tata Tea – Jaago Re Campaign Tata Tea’s started the “Jaago Re Campaign” started with ‘Jaago Re One Billion Votes’ The campaign was aimed at citizens of India to register and cast their votes in the assembly elections. It was a drive against apathy and cynicism towards political system. The current Jaago Re campaign “Aaj se Khilana Bandh … Pilana Shuru” urges the citizens of the country to awaken and fight against corruption. The campaign aims at not only creating awareness about corruption but also inspiring people ‘To be the change you seek’.
  17. 17. Where do these new campaigns stand, in the the Spectrum of Involvement?
  18. 18. Unilever - Sunlight campaign Unilever's Project Sunlight aims to improve the lives of two million children through sanitation, clean water and free meals 2013
  19. 19. Havells – Hawa Badalegi Ad campaign Havells through it’s”Hawa Badalegi” Ad campaign has touched on issues such as inclusivity (a domestic help being asked to join her employer-family for dinner at the table) and women's rights (a husband's decision to adopt his wife's surname) in its summer campaign this year. 2013
  20. 20. Titan Tanishq – Remarriage Ad Campaign Tanishq’s latest ad is one of many moves across the country to challenge stereotypes and deeply-held beliefs. It took an advertising campaign to talk about women’s remarriage, a subject which fast-changing modern Indian society is yet to embrace completely 2013
  21. 21. today’s rules won’t apply tomorrow Sustainability + CSR will drive the strategic context for business over the coming decade Basic services and resources from the natural world will become more expensive Rising expectations of business role mean new regulation, new consumer behaviour ,new supply chain norms and new investor pressure O p p o r t u n i t y f o r b o l d a c t i o n n o w What should my strategy be, given CSR / sustainability?” NOT “what should my CSR / sustainability strategy be?”
  22. 22. How to Establish a CSR Campaign that Enhances your Brand CSR acknowledges that companies have an impact on society and the environment through their operations, products and services as well as through their interactions with key stakeholders. CSR means managing this impact so as to add value to the company and Brand and increase wider economic and social well-being now and in the future
  23. 23. developing the framework 1 2 3 Understand the brand prism Map the brand prism to company need for CSR Map CSR opportunities • Develop Shortlist • SWOT Pilot 2 - 3 opportunities Scale implementation basis learnings from pilots Develop long term complementary frameworks that add to business and yet are CSR compliant
  24. 24. In other words… 1 Stakeholder Impact Audit 2 CSR Strategy Development 3 CSR Action Plan The success of your CSR activities should be measured against their impact on your overall brand reputation. A sustained CSR programme that reflects the core values of your brand and contributes to delivering your brand promise, will ultimately lead to an improved brand perception amongst your brand’s key stakeholders over time and thus increase and protect your brand’s value
  25. 25. 12 Steps to Cause Marketing 1. Select cause • Harmony (with mission) is key 2. Make it personal • For donors, members, employees 3. Decide on partner(s) • Big or small pond? 4. Understand each other • You own your brand 5. Disclose special arrangements • Transparency • Who is doing the PR? 6. Determine which form • See list of types of cause programs 7. Develop PR support plan • Get recognized for doing good 8. Establish metrics • Measure your marketing 9. Refresh & update • Continuous improvement 10.Be flexible • Change on fly if needed 11. Review & evaluate • Set a date on when you will review and renew 12.Take time to celebrate • Build celebration into your campaign • Include volunteers, partners, staff, etc.
  26. 26. How to Build CSR into your Brand Fabric Don’ts Don’t - Change causes frequently or support too many non-related causes Don’t - Choose a cause that does not resonate with your target audience Don’t - Create a CSR or CRM initiative purely as a ‘PR exercise’ Don’t - Try to create a campaign from one department only Marketing/Corporate Comms/HR Don’t - Expect your charity partner to adjust their cause to your objectives and work within your processes
  27. 27. How to Build CSR into your Brand Fabric Do’s Do - Select a cause that is a good fit both in terms of your core business and values and your target audiences Do - Set out to develop a long-term partnership with a cause – If there is no organisation to support, create your own movement Do - Agree on joint activities, events, areas within the cause that you can own and grow Do - Develop a communication plan that reaches out to all stakeholders – employees, media, customers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, influencers, Government and ensure support from the top as well as employees. Do - Create as many touchpoints as possible and weave the cause into your corporate fabric at multiple levels – get involved in trainings, train the trainer initiatives, workshops, knowledge transfer, fundraising, promotions…
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