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MG-AeroSpace Presentation (Multiple Government AeroSpace)


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10 minute presentation for my conceptual organization. Safe Atomic Propulsion Rocketry for deep-Space exploration, and an attempt to achieve 70-80% of light speed within the next 20 years.

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MG-AeroSpace Presentation (Multiple Government AeroSpace)

  1. 1. BUS/475 Professor. Bassil El-Kadi February 7, 2013 Michael Quintana
  2. 2. Introduction MG-AeroSpace’s Perfection MG-AeroSpace’s Goal MG-AeroSpace’s Beliefs, and Intertwined Ethics
  3. 3. VisionMG-AeroSpace’s Perfection
  4. 4. Mission MG-AeroSpace’s Goal
  5. 5. ValuesMG-AeroSpace’s Beliefs, and Intertwined Ethics
  6. 6. Balanced Scorecard
  7. 7. Closing
  8. 8. ReferencesBruce Dorminey (2012). Time for NASA to Go Nuclear? Forbes Magazine April 2012Cornell University. (2011). Project Orion.Retrieved: