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Bold City: A Bold Vision for the Future of the Freeways

Bold Idea: The tearing down of the Cape Town raised freeways has been often been proposed as means of reinventing the foreshore. Rory's bold idea looks beyond the highways, and at the relocation of the harbour. He also questions why the Foreshore, ignoring the freeways, is not pedestrian friendly to begin with.

Speaker: Rory Williams

For more information: and @carbonsmart

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Bold City: A Bold Vision for the Future of the Freeways

  1. 1. It’s not about the freeway Rory Williams
  2. 2. cars
  3. 3. Why avoiding freeways is smart • Reunite divided neighbourhoods • Provide access to waterfronts • Encourage development • Increase land values • Eliminate visibility barriers • Create attractive and walkable environments
  4. 4. Division and access
  5. 5. Development and land value
  6. 6. Visibility barriers
  7. 7. Attractive environments
  8. 8. Unattractive environments
  9. 9. “We need to ask how the foreshore can reinvent the city, rather than just asking how the foreshore can be reinvented.” Mokena Makeka
  10. 10. How to reinvent the city? • Context gives meaning • Freeway has positive and negative impacts • Same with the foreshore itself
  11. 11. The freeway is too easy • Taking down the freeway is the easy (but costly) option and can only achieve desired effect if other things are also done • Start with the other enablers
  12. 12. Enablers • Increased mix of activities • Safe and attractive streets • Buildings that encourage activity And…
  13. 13. Get Rid Of The Harbour
  14. 14. Does this contribute to urban life?
  15. 15. Every plan wants a breach DistrictSixDraftDevelopmentFramework
  16. 16. Harbour alternatives
  17. 17. And everything falls into place • Development and destination • Link to the ocean and V&A Waterfront • Expanded role of V&A • Incentives to overcome the shadow effect • Better connections