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Future of Public Spaces I: Rashiq fataar

  1. the future of public space or public space of the future? RASHIQ FATAAR
  2. there is in fact an abundance of public assets and public space but it depends on who owns, controls and lobbies for this and how we define inclusivity…what’s the point if there is no place to sit?
  3. in the age of global terror, the very right to public life and space is being threatened. successful vibrant spaces can become targets for terror? at which level should we or can we engage with national security?
  4. what we should be working and engaging with is the public realm or a public system, a more broader term, which helps us think in systems and can inspire work beyond silos
  5. how do we know if we have made a real difference and to what extent can we measure, and even more importantly communcate change…is there a quality we cannot measure or track?
  6. while major strides have been made to embrace the digital, is the true potential of our public realm not in being social or non-digital?
  7. we should do more than focus on the production of external spaces and places that we declare public, and protect and enhance the indoor public space too?
  8. 2026 : Will you finally activate those robotic employees that you bought in 2024 / How about upgrading the 3D material and furniture printers?
  9. 2028 : With green car technology sorted, it's no longer necessary to get vehicles off the road. Travellers are now renting self-driving, customized cars. Contrary to popular belief, people are actually not spending their commute catching up on work but lying on their backs and looking at the clouds.
  10. 2030 / Nanobots that we use to augment our natural intelligence can now be ingested and they will find their way into our brains and upload the information. At conferences delegates simply swallow the 'Notes' and go home.