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Examine the impact of birth order


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Examine the impact of birth order

  1. 1. Are you an only child?
  2. 2. Are you the oldest child?
  3. 3. What’s today’s topic?What grammar can we recycletoday?What strategy can we use forlistening?
  4. 4. Were you able to understand the mainideas?Did you have problems listening forspecific information?What problems did you have?Were you familiar with the vocabulary?
  5. 5. TIME TO RECYCLE GRAMMAR:A: Who do you think breaks the rules.The first child, the middle child or theyoungest child?B: well, I think middle children enjoybreaking rules. In fact I was the child inthe middle and I did not follow anyrules!!!!
  6. 6. Discuss the birthorder on yourpartner’spersonality.
  7. 7. What’s your birth position?How being the ________________ in your family affectedyour personality?What personality traits are characteristics of yourbehavior?Can you recall some examples to make some comparisonswith your siblings?Do you think birth order can definitely affect people’spersonality?How can it affect people?