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Sitecore user-grop-cardiff-31oct-v003-final

  1. 1. Sitecore User Group – Bristol @ Cardiff Justin Rowe “Happy Halloween”
  2. 2. Why content comes
  3. 3. Why content comes
  4. 4. Why content comes
  5. 5. Why IA content comes
  6. 6. Why content comes first
  7. 7. Why content comes
  8. 8. Why content comes first
  9. 9. Why IA content comes
  10. 10. Why content comes
  11. 11. Why content does comefirst 1. Business Data and information comes first because it’s arguably the most important thing to a business online. 2. Sitecore Data and information structure should also be one of the start points when implementing a Sitecore site…
  12. 12. What is content?con·tent [kon-tent] Something that is contained: the contents of a box (website). Something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing. Substantive information or creative material viewed in contrast to its actual or potential manner of presentation… - 22/10/
  13. 13. Content is derived“ …a single piece of web content will probably be made up from a number of data items, commonly including text, images and metadata from any number of sources. ”
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Considerations“ Think about the sites users, the CMS user, the business’ need for return on investment, and the technologies capabilities and limitations. ”
  16. 16. Sitecore best practice“ When defining requirements, focus on information architecture, which includes data template and standard values definitions including workflow, layout details, and insert options, the content tree, and other relations between items. John West CTO Sitecore ” & author of “Professional Sitecore Development”
  17. 17. Principles to aid with the creation andunderstanding of IA Choices Objects Entry points Focused navigation Evolution Top down – bottom up D. Brown EightShapes
  18. 18. Artefacts to aid the creation of IA Online business goals and objectives Online brand guidelines Representative content Content audit/inventory Personas Personalisation, engagement plans UI style guidelines, wireframes and prototypes SEO recommendations Social strategy Accessibility audit, usability
  19. 19. Give content focus Business goal what does this do for the business? Objective what is the operational purpose? Communication goal how should we deliver to the customer? Defining KPI’s will ensure contents effectiveness can be measured and
  20. 20. Example:
  21. 21. Example: Structure
  22. 22. Example: Encapsulated
  23. 23. Example: Related
  24. 24. Putting it all togetherIA in the context of Sitecore is a process that leads toobject and template definition.Ensure user ambitions and business goals can be met.Use Sitecore field types based on contentrequirements, you are building the editors UI.Sitecore is a customer engagement platform (CEP)unless your content is structured correctly DMS willsimply not work.Content tied to layout can not be repurposed (the be’s)
  25. 25. IA resources “Professional Sitecore Development” by John West, chapter 2 Data Definition Reference and Data Definition Cookbook Reusing and Sharing Data Continue the conversation … Sitecore user
  26. 26. SummaryThe way data is stored, it’s structure, itsrelationships and governance shouldsupport it and allow it to become focusedcontent no matter how or where itssurfaced, who is viewing it and why.Release the content …
  27. 27. Why content comes first