Part 1 of UniSA Social Media Talk May 21, 2010


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This is the first part of a lecture on Social Media for the UniSA School of Marketing. Fusion is introduced with some examples of their innovation: connecting people to brands.

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Part 1 of UniSA Social Media Talk May 21, 2010

  1. 1. UniSA School of Marketing Social Media Lecture by Gavin Klose 21 May 2010
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  28. 28. Y SUNDA G THIS AN OPENIN VITED TO YOU’RE IN UNIVERSITY OF A DELAIDE OPENDA There’s comprehensive Y IS THIS SUNDAY information sessions sp 16TH AUGUST FRO tours and exhibitions fo ecifically for prospective M 10AM r the whole family! Find students, as well as ente For more information go out why people say we rtainment, competition to whatsyourprefer have the best campus life s, or call ou in Adelaide. r Hotline during busin ess hours on 8303 7335 . ELDER HALL FLENTJE UNION HALL Upper Campus LECTURE THEATRE NAPIER 102 RENNIE Lower Campus HORACE LAMB Level 2, Plaza Building, Level 1, Napier Building, LECTURE THEATRE NAPIER LG29 Upper Campus LECTURE THEATRE 10.00am Beginners Guide to Universit Upper Campus Johnson Building, Lower Ground Fl, Napier y Ground Fl, Horace Lamb 10.30am Lower Campus Building, Lower Campus Building, The Competitive Edge I’ve Done the UMAT: Upper Campus Humanities & Social Sciences Now What? Medicine The World of Pathways to Teaching in 11.00am Engineering, Computer Psychology: It’s Secondary Schools Education Science and Mathematics More Than You Think Overseas Engineering, Computer A Degree for Life! Blow Your Own Trumpet Psychology & Mathematical Sciences Study as Part 11.30am Economics Undergraduate Scholarsh of Your Degree Music Nursing at the ip Opportunities Adelaide Abroad University of Adelaide: Pigs, Foams and Fishing: What’s the Difference? The Life of a Petroleum Engi Advocacy and Action neer? Nursing Australian School of Petroleum Development Studies International Students Applying To and 12.00pm The Science Experience at A guide to the Enrolling at Uni the University of Adelaide Taking Care of Business Where Can a Degree University of Adelaide Sciences Business/Finance in Maths Take You? Global Transformation for Year 12 and Foundation 12.30pm Life’s Building Blocks Mathematical Sciences International Studies Studies students What Does It Cost to Study? Mature Age Molecular & Biomedical Scien A Look Inside Your Digital ce Camera Society Shapers Advice Session 1.00pm Our Environment, The Role of Lawyers in Electrical & Electronic Engineer ing Ecology, Marine Biology Contemporary Society Social Sciences Live to Succeed and Natural Resources Law How to Solve It? Accommodation Service Earth & Environmental Scien Digital Footprints ces Computer Science Bridge over 1.30pm Media Your Life on Campus Troubled Waters Growing the Future Psychology: It’s Adelaide University Union Chemical Engineering Environmental Policy Agriculture, Food & Wine More Than You Think for the 21st Century Advantages of Languages & Management Psychology REPEAT Beginners Guide 2.00pm Chemical Engineering Languages How Do I Become a Vet? The Worldwide Health to University Veterinary Science Industry Degree REPEAT The World of Artful Abundance Health Sciences Engineering, Computer 2.30pm From NanoScience Arts Science and Mathematics to Space Science Make the World Smile Engineering, Computer Pathways to Teaching Design Studies, Architecture Chemistry & Physics Dentistry & Oral Health & Mathematical Sciences REP EAT in Secondary Schools and Landscape Architecture 3.00pm Nursing at the University Education REPEAT Who Put the Civil in Civilisati Overseas Study as Part of of Adelaide: What’s the on? Difference? Nursing REPEAT Civil, Environmental A Degree for Life! Undergraduate Your Degree J0005104 / FP / AA 3.30pm & Mining Engineering Scholarship Opportunities Applying To and Adelaide Abroad Economics REPEAT Enrolling at Uni REPEAT Mechanical Engineering: REPEAT Designing REPEAT the Future Taking Care of Business What Does It Mechanical Engineering Business/Finance REPEAT Cost to Study? REPEAT CRICOS Provider Number 00123M
  29. 29. J0005014 / HP / RIU IVE AT CRICOS Provider Number 00123M L UNI OF ADELAIDE AY AND ’BALL! COME TO OPEND IN TICKETS TO THE O W UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE OP EN SUNDAY 16TH AUGUST FROM DAY IS THIS YOU’RE INVITED TO AN OPENING 10AM THIS SUNDAY There’s general information, entert ainment, competitions, tours and exhibitions for everyone – you don’t have to be a student! Find out why people say we have the best campus life in Adelaide. For more information go to whats or call us on 8303 7335. is University of Adelaide OPENDAY J0005014 / 10X7 / AA am Plus you can win tickets to our this Sunday 16th August from 10 entering our competition on OP famous O’Ball by specifically for ENDAY. Be there! There’s comprehensive information sessions t, competitions, prospective students, as well as entertainmen Find out why tour s and exhibitions for the whole family! CRICOS Provider Number 00123M Adelaide. people say we have the best campus life in For more information go to whatsyourprefe 3 7335. or call us during business hours on (08) 830 DON’T JUST READ START GETTING IT ABOUT EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE OPENDAY IS THIS SUNDAY 16TH AUGUST FROM 10AM There’s helpful course-specific information sessions for prospective students. There’s also entertainment, competitions, tours and exhibitions for families, friends and teachers – everyone’s welcome. Go to to find out more. CRICOS Provider Number 00123M J0005014 / 15X7 / AA 42
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  31. 31. SPW Wonder Week 67% click and send rate Fusion, April 2008
  32. 32. SPW Prospectus Fusion, Dec 2009
  33. 33. SPW Prospectus Fusion, Dec 2009
  34. 34. SA Young Talent Retention Media Campaign Fusion, May 2009
  35. 35. I believe what my ‘Peers’ say more than what an ad says. Fusion, May 2009 SAG51506_DC_2 7Jan09 54
  36. 36. Use media to promote ‘Peer to peer’ excitement. Fusion, May 2009
  37. 37. Fusion, May 2009
  38. 38. Fusion, May 2009
  39. 39. Fusion, May 2009
  40. 40. Heaps Good SA Over 350,000 visitors Fusion, May 2009
  41. 41. Fusion, June 2010
  42. 42. twitter: fusion_com_au