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Drive B2B Leads with Customer Reviews


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How to drive B2B leads and get great customer reviews. Customer reviews can help you: improve conversion ratios, lower the cost of paid leads, build the flow of free leads, build trust and credibility, and reinforce product value.

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Drive B2B Leads with Customer Reviews

  1. 1. Increase B2B Sales with Customer Reviews Driving More B2B Leads with Customer Testimonials and Online Reviews Myron Berg
  2. 2. Contents • Are Online Reviews Worth the Effort? • Build the Flow of Leads • Improve Conversion Ratios • Build Trust and Credibility • Online Customer Review Tactics • 5 Steps to Great Reviews • Benefits of Customer Reviews
  3. 3. Online Reviews • People tend to trust vendors with whom others have had good experiences. • In fact, we increasingly use the web to learn more about companies or individuals we encounter in our personal lives.
  4. 4. Is it Worth the Effort? • Customer testimonials of your product’s value is a strong influencer to attract and persuade new customers. • Online reviews, ratings, case studies, and testimonials have a significant and positive impact on the revenue stream.
  5. 5. Build the Flow of Free Leads • Online reviews help build the flow of free leads. • Over time, this has a huge impact in building steady lead flow and decreasing the average cost per lead.
  6. 6. Lower the Cost of Paid Leads • Online reviews help lower the cost of paid leads – Increase in click-through rates – Lowering the cost of conversion • Positive ratings tell your new prospects that others have had success with your product and they can be confident in doing business with you.
  7. 7. Improve Conversion Ratios • Online reviews help improve conversion ratios for: – Free trials – Lead offers – Closed deals
  8. 8. Build Trust and Credibility • Reviews help build online trust and credibility. • Reviews reduce prospect purchase reluctance. • Testimonials help reinforce the value of the product. • Our tests have proven a significant increase in conversion ratios for inquiries that come from a lead source that includes product ratings.
  9. 9. What About Negative Reviews? • A quantity of positive reviews helps protect your business from the occasional negative review. • Buyers read reviews to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of a product and the company. A perfect rating is less credible.
  10. 10. Get Focused • Focus on sites specifically related to your product or service – Sites specific to the buyer’s profession or expertise – Industry specific sites – Online software directories – Online paid directories, offering Pay-per-Click (PPC) or Pay-per-Lead (PPL) traffic – Software review sites – Search engine reviews, such as Google Reviews
  11. 11. Finding the Greatest Impact • With a few minutes of searching, you can likely find numerous candidates. • The bigger question is often how to best focus your efforts with a just few sites that will have the greatest impact.
  12. 12. Prioritize Sites • Which sites provide the greatest impact? – What paid listing services are used and which drive the best leads? – Which unpaid listing services are currently driving the best leads, or have the potential to drive the best leads? – Where do our customers go to keep up with the latest information on their profession or industry? – When we perform online searches with terms that best fit our product, which sites come up first?
  13. 13. Get Great Customer Reviews • Identify and ASK satisfied clients for a review • Make a review request part of your internal process • Make it extremely easy • Thank them for their efforts
  14. 14. 5 Steps to Great Reviews 1. Customer Support – Ask a satisfied customer for a review • At the end of a customer support engagement call • With a thank you email following the call • Provide the direct link for reviews • Build a repeatable process
  15. 15. 5 Steps to Great Reviews 2. Emails to Existing Customers – Add a review request to marketing messages – Option to directly fill out an online review – Option to contact your company for more information
  16. 16. 5 Steps to Great Reviews 3. Survey Existing Customers – Send out satisfaction surveys to existing customers – Follow up with those who provided positive remarks • Personalized note • Ask to participate in a case study • Ask to fill out an online review – Consider follow up with dissatisfied customers
  17. 17. 5 Steps to Great Reviews 4. Follow Up with New Customers – Within 10 days of service sign-up • Online customer satisfaction survey • Sales representative performing the survey – For those who are highly satisfied • Request an online review • Provide the direct link
  18. 18. 5 Steps to Great Reviews 5. Educate Existing Customers – Provide a webinar • “How to get the most out of your product” • Request an online review after the event – This tactic provides great product feedback
  19. 19. Recap: Benefits of Customer Reviews • Better lead flow • Better conversion metrics • Lower cost • Heightened trust & credibility • Reinforced product value
  20. 20. About Fusion Marketing Partners Myron Berg, Managing Director We Do This: Brand building/messaging Website optimization Content creation Lead generation You Get This: Much greater levels of awareness Higher quantities of qualified leads Ability to generate faster revenue Lots more information at: (blog) 719-357-6280