Customer insight = market success


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Fuse Customer Insight into your strategy for a BIG WIN or sit down and prepare for an EPIC FAIL!

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Customer insight = market success

  1. 1. customer insight = market success Fuse Customer Insight into your strategy for a BIG WIN or sit down and prepare for an EPIC FAIL! s LISTEN ut it inp lic o 61% sur vey of CEOs are focused on l fa c e t i me m yalty r lo e fe bac oo customer insight cus to unso l i ci t ed ed Customer Obsession old k ch s 84% Customer Insight into action of outperforming CEOs translate 73 % of outperforming CEOs are implementing extensive changes to improve the understanding of individual customer needs customer experience hint Listen not just to your customers, but to your employees! (they interact with your customers!) 80% ONLY customer retention is the 8% percent #1 driver for investing in customer experience of those of companies companies’ believe they deliver a superior experience customers agree of brands received good or excellent Forrester Customer Experience Index Scores this year. Customer Experience across Place Product and People = profits 2012 CLICKFOX Brand Loyalty Study shows the top brands consumers couldn’t live without: Brand known worldwide for legendary customer experience, personalized customer journey across multiple touchpoints and employee empowerment ? Companies that prioritize customer experience have Don’t just connect with your customers, connect across your organization to share insight and create competitive advantage! loses 50% 86% of loyal Go To Marke of its customer base every 5 years customers 4% Only are willing to pay up to for products and services yalty = of customers tell the business why they take their business elsewhere 25% more WOMM loyal custom ers spend an ave rage of Customer Lo customer loyalty The average business 69% of customers show loyalty by spending more hint higher profits t Succes s hint 60% 67% mor e than n ew custom ers Referra Busine l ss Want to GROW your Share of Wallet? Stay connected throughout the customer lifecycleand ASK for their business! Mature companies entering new markets fail 99 % of the time “ If I had an hour...I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and 1 minute “ finding solutions. Albert Einstein Let us fuse Customer Insight into your Solution! sources: Have 1 minute? Let’s connect! w w w. f u s e l i n e c x . c o m | 7 0 3 . 3 6 2 . 8 8 73 Gartner Group and “Leading on the Edge of Chaos”, Emmett C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy LISTEN CONNECT GROW