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Monajh d 2


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this is my keynote hope you like it

Published in: Education
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Monajh d 2

  1. 1. How do i use colors to show what i mean. by Monajh
  2. 2. by Monajh
  3. 3. flowers
  4. 4. flowers
  5. 5. flowersMy painting is of flowersHow does my painting show what is important to my family?Our family goes to the esplanade and looks at all the pretty flowers and butterflies.How does colour help show these ideas?My colours stand out. My bright red and light orange show how I feel about theflowers. They are warm colours.How do I feel about my painting?I feel really happy and proud of my self. I bet my mum and dad will like it and will beproud of me too.
  6. 6. flowers
  7. 7. thats the end of my art by