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Alessandro Fusacchia - Innovation in Public Administration


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ASP 12th Cycle Opening
Politecnico di Milano
February 19th, 2016


Published in: Education
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Alessandro Fusacchia - Innovation in Public Administration

  1. 1. innovation in Public Administration Alessandro Fusacchia Head of Cabinet Ministry of Education, Universities and Research ASP 12th Cycle Cycle Opening Event Milano, February 19th 2016
  2. 2. 1 the best place to make innovation happen Bureaucracy,
  3. 3. engineers, architects, designers & Co. Why should you care? 1. whatever you are going to do, the State will be there 2. you can make the State a better place
  4. 4. is bureaucracy scary? innovation in Public Administration | #ASP16
  5. 5. the starting point Quality of democracy depends on quality of laws ● Ambiguity → laws reflect compromises ● “Stratification approach” → partial interventions after a while it is impossible to have (and understand) a comprehensive framework ● Exception is the rule → waiver + lack of repeals The lawmaker ● how does the Council of Ministers work? ● how does a Parliament work?
  6. 6. the starting point Quality of laws determines the level of red-tape ● Public officials are unable to implement since lawmakers/regulators are unwilling to avoid ambiguities → Delays! ● When public officials cope with ambiguities… they have to provide an interpretation → counterparts can appeal them, TAR (administrative courts) gets into the scene ● Red-tape language is used in order to “protect” public officials ● there is no ESC key!
  7. 7. innovation in Public Administration | #ASP16
  8. 8. policy #1 “Restart, Italia!” CHALLENGE How can a Government (2012) expected to tax do something for Youth, Entrepreneurs and Innovation? → turning Italy into an attractive country for start-ups. PATH Task Force (12 experts / policy angels) → informal consultation Report Restart, Italia! → Law Decree “Crescita 2.0” (October 2012) OUTPUTS (more at MiSE’s website) - how many? → 5.143 and counting → a strong cultural movement - evolution (the policy was extended = Trojan horse) → small and medium-sized enterprises, Start-up Visa, Start-up Hub, Patent Box
  9. 9. contents of “Restart, Italia!” innovative start-ups and certified incubators incentives for investments in seed and venture capital fixed-term contracts stock option and work for equity crowdfunding no shame for a failed company
  10. 10. policy #2 “La Buona Scuola” CHALLENGE invest in education (at a time of spending review) and update the educational framework PATH 2 working groups → “teachers” + “skills” “data driven” drafting and policy design → “La Buona Scuola. Let the country grow” CONSULTATION → a debate as big as a country 1,8 million of citizens involved / 2,000 debates / 115 position papers / 20 regional reports La Buona Scuola Reloaded – citizens can improve a Government draft Survey + Comments + Co-Design Sections APPROVAL IMPLEMENTATION → work in progress
  11. 11. contents of “La Buona Scuola” More autonomous and responsible schools An extraordinary teacher recruitment plan School principal as the educational leader New skills and literacy School-to-work schemes, laboratories and digitization Professional development schemes Funds aimed at awarding teachers The school system gets transparent: Open Data & Registers School bonus
  12. 12. key dimensions innovation in Public Administration | #ASP16
  13. 13. key dimensions Target Content Process
  14. 14. 1 Target Restart, Italia! La Buona Scuola Numbers A few A lot Initial impact Low High Density Low High Self-awareness No Yes An homogeneous community? Yes No Mood Cool – Change – We can make it Disappointment – Things never change
  15. 15. 2 Content Restart, Italia! La Buona Scuola Inputs coming from... External Internal Killer application No Yes (extraordinary recruitment plan) “Can we adjust the trajectory”? Very Much Little Demand Policy-driven … drives the policy
  16. 16. 3 Process Restart, Italia! La Buona Scuola Commitment of the “target” Low High Modality online/offline online/offline Approval Extra–group Intra–group Timing Autonomous Fixed schedule Role of media Follower Agenda setter
  17. 17. how to make it innovation in Public Administration | #ASP16
  18. 18. golden rules for (better) government 1. focus on ex post, stimulate engagement in the implementation phase, not just during the drafting phase 2. build up an alliance with the best public officials around, and challenge them openly 3. invest in training programs for public officials, attracting human capital 4. develop a “narrative” in public policies: citizens must be brought up, trained, driven towards new collective behaviours (e.g. ban on smoking in public spaces) 5. do not contradict the method/process, “be consistent otherwise people will not trust you!” + “there's no way back!”
  19. 19. the State of the art - Ideologies are dead → how can we cope with decisions aimed at safeguarding small interests or peculiar/partial requests? - We lack incubators of comprehensive and global visions, we lack Nineteenth Century’s political parties at their best = clearing houses - Without a clear electoral/political mandate and with electoral campaigns merely focused on personalities…
  20. 20. the art of the State: from law making to policy design better and more effective decisions crash tests + mobilization reconcile two traditional dimensions of politics: solving problems + building up consensus cope with the representation crisis much deeper than the political crisis
  21. 21. in the meanwhile... the case of the European Union ● efficient and innovative public administration ● good quality policy making BUT… ● governance rather than government; ● the Constitutional 3%, “representation without taxation”; ● “No Europe for young men” = stress test failed? [ policies require politics ]
  22. 22. and good luck! thank you, @Fusacchia ASP 12th Cycle Cycle Opening Event Milano, February 19th 2016