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48512623 food-bazaar-and-reliance-fresh


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48512623 food-bazaar-and-reliance-fresh

  1. 1. Mayank Walia Neha Arora Sachin Sharma
  2. 2. 1 2 3 4 Introduction-Food Bazaar & Reliance Fresh Retail Mix Strategy Questionnaire Key Findings
  3. 3. •Food Bazaar –Part of Future Group‟s Pantaloon Retail ltd. •Owned by “King of Retail” -Kishor Biyaani •Started in 2002 with the western values of convenience, cleanliness and hygiene and Indian values of see-touch-feel •Presently have 173 Food Bazaar stores in 73 cities and 65 rural areas. • Positioned as Bazaar having quality products at affordable and economic prices
  4. 4. •Part of Reliance Retail Ltd headed by Mr.Mukesh Ambani •First store in October 2005 at Hyderabad •453 Stores till date in 45 cities •Positoned as „friendly neighbourhood store committed to bring high quality fresh food to the customers at an affordable price‟
  5. 5. Operating Procedures Store Location Promotion Product offerings Retail Mix Strategy Customer services Store atmosphere Pricing
  6. 6. FOOD BAZAAR RELIANCE FRESH Accessibility Shop-in-Shop(SIS) format with Big Bazaar ,stand alone formats –in malls,metro stations etc Accessibilty Neighborhood store format- found in markets or localities near to the customer. Number Of Stores 173 Food Bazaar stores in 73 cities and 65 rural areas. Number Of Stores 453 Stores till date in 45 cities Customer Segmentation•Both targets middle class customers •Cater to the large and growing young population
  7. 7. 1. Clear divisions in Food Bazaar [Head to Toe,Fabric Kleen, Chakki Fresh etc] 2. Reliance Fresh focusses on food items whereas Food bazaar focusses on overall health care of a customer,example-Soaps 3. The stock keeping units of Food Bazaar is too huge,example-Surf Excel-5 Kg Packs 4. Private brand 'Reliance Select' is easily visible wheras its not with Food Bazaar's 'Tasty Treat'
  8. 8. Reliance Fresh and Food Bazaar differentiates themselves from other small retailers on basis of low prices. A much larger scale of operations & bundling strategy provides Food bazaar a clear edge on pricing part. Food Bazaar also deals in EDLP (Everyday Low Pricing),Special events pricing and Psychological pricing Reliance Fresh prices come close to competing with Food Bazaar only in vegetables and fruits section.
  9. 9. Membership Cards Reliance Fresh Food Bazaar Employee Interaction High in Food Bazaar and less in Reliance Fresh
  10. 10. Checking Out Food Bazaar-in GIP=15 counters(3 cash only,3 senior citizens, 4 less than 10 items and rest credit also) Reliance Fresh-only 2(queue at the peak hours) Company executives In Food Bazaar only like Loreal,Yakult, Vanish etc Parking Food bazaar is located where there is ample space for parking.
  11. 11. Food Bazaar Reliance Fresh Below the line Promotion Coupon discounts,, gift with purchase, competitions and prizes, money back offers and exchange offers, special occasions. Main Idea-make bulk purchase Above the line promotion Reliance Fresh membership cardReliance One oGive advertisement in newspapers, TV, Internet(own website which gives online shopping services oPartnership with Bigfix, Big FM 92.7. oCelebrity endorsement (Vidya Balan) Discount scheme days- Saturday and Sundays
  12. 12. SAMPLE SPACE-35 LOCATION-Lakshmi Nagar area having two Reliance fresh stores and one food bazaar store 1.Whenever you are in need of food what name comes first in your mind? Reliance fresh ( ) Big Bazaar ( ) 2. Are you a loyal customer of the brand you prefer to use or you switch over to different brand. Loyal Customer ( ) Switch Over ( ) 3. Which one among these you think has got the most geographical spread? Reliance fresh ( ) Big Bazaar ( ) 4. Which one of these brands provides the product and service according to the consumer‟s needs and convenience? Reliance fresh ( ) Big Bazaar ( ) 5. According to you who give the best support in respect of advertisement and consumer awareness campaign while promoting their brand? Reliance fresh ( ) Bigbazaar ( )
  13. 13. 21 customers recalled Reliance Fresh before Food Bazaar as it is convenienly placed. No Brand Loyalty except for 4 customers. 23 people claimed Reliance Fresh has better geographical spread. Majority of them agreed Food Bazaar provide products and services according to customer needs 25 of them recalled Food Bazaar advertisements only,6 remembered both Food Bazaar‟s and Reliance advertisements and 4 were unable to remember any store „s advertisements.
  14. 14. Basis Reliance Fresh Food Bazaar Store Management Good Good Shopping Experience Comfortable Satisfactory Environment Peaceful Noisy & Unpleasant Discounts Low High Location Markets Malls Parking Bad Good Quality Good Good Air Conditioning Effective Average Cleanliness Good Average
  15. 15. Thank You